Create a creation cosmogony | Human Resource Management homework help

You conciliate cause your own figment legend using one or more of the nine types of figment cosmogonies outlined by Marta Weigle and installed in the types of Leonard and McClure authors of Myth and Knowing (p43):

    • Accretion/Conjunction
    • Secretion 
    • Sacrifice
    • Division/Consummation/Cosmic Egg
    • Earth-Diver 
    • Emergence Myths/ Opening in the Earth
    • Two Creators/Primordial Parents
    • Deus Faber/Creator God/Craftsman
    • Ex Nihilo Beginnings

Your figment cosmogony should understand at smallest 3 reputes caused in one of the aloft listed ways. Try to bond some of the elements you possess encountered in the legends we possess been balbutiation into your own cosmogony. You can grovelling your cosmogony on your own race experiences attributing reputeistics from the cosmogonies we possess decipher onto your own race members (this is distinctly fun when you mould your pesky sibling the sombre repute). You can besides mould up a figment cosmogony from the depths of your own brains. Remember your cosmogony is meant to inform, teach, and regulate persons into a honest sociality. My scope in assigning you this feature assignment is to verify your brains of the types, themes, tropes, and symbols of the legendology we possess discussed thus far in the semester.  

Your legend should be 3-5 embrace spaced pages (12 pt. type-no predilection fonts delight). Delight mould strong to enchantment inhibit your achievement and use appropriate punctuation. No texting discourse or abbreviated tone delight.  and do not sound retell a legend after a while eminent repute names.  I deficiency to see some try at creativity, and some purpose that you concede concede the purposes that we possess discussed