Create a business impact analysis on SanGrafix a video game design company

Important Note: Please supervene the template fast to do this Nursing essay. I insufficiency the Nursing essay precisely relish the template supposing.

Create a transaction impression partition on SanGrafix a video sport project assemblage. The BIA should comprise a pictorial register of the organization’s key transaction areas. The BIA helps to substantiate and prioritize censorious IT systems and components. A template for developing the BIA is to-boot supposing to aid the user. This register should be in command of significance to the transaction and each part should comprise a insignificant patronymic of the transaction rule and main dependencies on systems, communications, personnel, and information/data.  Areas to be considered could comprise:

  • E-commerce rulees
  • E-mail domiciled communications
  • Other on-line real-time customer benefits
  • Production line
  • Production rulees
  • Quality moderate mechanisms
  • Customer benefit handling
  • Maintenance and prop benefits
  • Sales and sales administration
  • Finance and treasury
  • Research and harvest activities
  • Human instrument management
  • Information technology benefits
  • Premises (Head Office and branches)
  • Marketing and national relations
  • Accounting and reporting
  • Strategic and transaction planning activities
  • Internal audit