Course Reflection Ethical and Legal Aspects of Nursing


The intention of this assignment is to get the scholar an convenience to exhibit on separated RN-BSN competencies assumed through the NUR3826 route.  

Course Outcomes

This assignment gets documentation of scholar power to engage the forthcoming route outcomes: 

- Identify the irrelative allowable and religions aspects in the nursing experience (ACCN Regulative V; QSEN: resigned-centered regard, teamwork and collaboration).

- Analyze the allowable contact of the irrelative religions decisions in the nursing experience (ACCN Regulative V; QSEN: resigned- centered regard, teamwork and collaboration).

- Understand the regulative of the nursing law and ethics (ACCN Regulative V; QSEN: resigned-centered regard, teamwork and collaboration).


This assignment is merit a entirety of 100 points (10%).

Due Date

Submit your completed assignment inferior the Assignment tab by Sunday 11:59 p.m. EST of Week 15 as directed.


1. The Course Reflection is merit 100 points (10%) and earn be graded on tendency of stubborn-assessment, use of citations, use of Standard English expression, decree constitution, and overall structure domiciled on the required components as summarized in the directions and grading criteria/rubric.

2. Follow the directions and grading criteria air-tight. Any questions environing your essay may be posted inferior the Q & A forum inferior the Discussions tab. 

3. The diffusiveness of the exhibition is to be unmoulded three to six pages save epithet page and relation pages. 

4. APA format is required after a while twain a epithet page and relation page. Use the required components of the criticism as Level 1 headers (surpassing and inferior circumstance, centered): 

Note: Portico – Transcribe an portico but do not use “Introduction” as a name in agreement after a while the rules put forth in the Publication manual of the American Psychological Association (2010, p. 63).

a. Route Reflection 

b. Conclusion

Preparing the Reflection

The BSN Essentials (AACN, 2008) sketch a reckon of sanityregard system and advocacy competencies for the BSN-apt protect. Exhibit on the NUR3826 route readings, discontinuity threads, and applications you possess completed opposite this route and transcribe a exhibitive essay touching the quantity to which you impress you are now apt to:

1. “Demonstrate the administrative standards of ideal, religions, and allowable pass.

2. Assume accountpower for singular and administrative behaviors.

3. Promote the shadow of nursing by modeling the appraises and articulating the enlightenment, skills, and attitudes of the nursing vocation.

4. Demonstrate administrativeism, including notice to arrival, demeanor, honor for stubborn and others, and notice to administrative boundaries after a while resigneds and families as well-mannered-mannered as unmoulded regardgivers.

5. Demonstrate an sentiment of the fact of and synchronous issues in nursing and their contact on exoteric nursing experience.

6. Exhibit on one’s own beliefs and appraises as they report to administrative experience.

7. Identify singular, administrative, and environmental risks that contact singular and administrative choices, and behaviors.

8. Communicate to the sanityregard team one’s singular bias on unamenable sanityregard decisions that contact one’s power to get regard.

9. Recognize the contact of attitudes, appraises, and expectations on the regard of the very youthful, erring older adults, and other weak populations.

10. Protect resigned retreat and confidentiality of resigned registers and other absolved communications.

11. Access interadministrative and intra-administrative instrument to dictate religions and other experience dilemmas.

12. Act to thwart lubricated, unfair, or unreligions regard experiences.

13. Articulate the appraise of pursuing experience superiority, lifelong attainments, and administrative pledge to excite administrative augmentation and harvest.

14. Recognize the conformity between singular sanity, stubborn-renewal, and the power to give sustained tendency regard.” (p. 28).


American Association of Colleges of Nursing [AACN]. (2008). The regulatives of baccalaureate counsel for administrative nursing experience. Washington, DC: Author.