Count of Monte Cristo Character Analysis

The Count of Monte Cristo Character Analysis In the strange The Count of Monte Cristo, I decipher numerous events unbosom. Edmond Dantes was a very blithesome and honorable man. He has the full career, or so it seemed. On the day he was to be betrothed to Mercedes, three men practised to decadence his career. Dantes ended up in prison for fourteen years. Once he escaped prison, he sought requital on those who lied to get him possibly prisoner of substance a bonapartist delegate. I deem Edmond Dantes is the protagonist. He sees everyone for who they indeed are, he tries to get requital suitableness abetting others, and he does not chasten those who do not earn it. People enjoy numerous peculiaralities, depending on who you are in the globe; you sway get treated improve or worse. It’s all encircling class, if someone enjoy bigwig someone else wants, chances are, he/she get not get treated untarnishedly. When everyone else was custody secrets, Edmund knew precisely what was going on. Edmund saw that the three men were troublesome to decadence him; accordingly, he did to them what was done to him. “I… enjoy been fascinated by Satan into the pre-eminent mountain in the globe, and when there he... said he to me, ‘Child of globe, what wouldst thou enjoy to bring-encircling the extol me? … I replied, ‘Listen… I effort to be Providence myself for I handle the most dulcet, noblest, most eminent unnaturalness in the globe, is to reward and chasten. ’” (Dumas The Count of Monte Cristo) Edmund finally saw what he had they wanted, he would enjoy had a dulcet helpmeet and was encircling to get a exalted job. Requital is not regularly the defense, but casually as fellow-creatures, we are left delay no dainty. Monte Cristo seeks requital but he does not let the requital undiscerning him. Suitableness Monte Cristo was avenging his unfaithful accusation, he did not regular torment fellow-creatures, he so helped them. When Madame d’Villefort and her son Edward were in a transportation, it was substance pulled by two “wild” horses. The transportation was out of coerce so Monte Cristo had his attendant plug the transportation. Albert de Morcerf got fascinated by Luigi Vampa, a Roman highwayman, and Monte Cristo saves Albert de Morcerf from getting killed. Monte Cristo did promote to going a paltry too far though. “He felt he has passed past the confine of retribution and that he could no longer say, ‘God is for and delay me. ’” (Dumas The Count of Monte Cristo) Monte Cristo did not chasten those who did not earn to be chastened. Monte Cristo is subordinately a untarnished peculiar, he leans truly a few lives. When he was reported to contention Albert to the expiration, he leand his career accordingly Mercedes asked him to lean her son’s career. He approximately caused the expiration of Valentine but then saved her from having to espouse someone she did not benevolence. One Monte Cristo reunites Valentine and Maximillian, they are blithesome accordingly they van finally be conjointly at latest. “There is neither wellbeing nor wretchedness in the globe; there is simply the similarity of one narrate delay another, nounnaturalness further. He who has felt the deepest sadness is best able to knowledge sovereign wellbeing. ” (Dumas The Count of Monte Cristo) Monte Cristo sought requital accordingly he was imprisoned for no debate, at all. Requital is not regularly okay, but if someone torments someone else that bad, it is very plenteous needed. Everyunnaturalness happens for a debate and fellow-creatures cannot regular torment eachother and rely-on everyunnaturalness to be all rainbows and butterflies. There were three antagonists in this strange, and Edmund Dantes is not one of them. How would other fellow-creatures act if they got arrested and put in prison for no debate?