Copy the following questions into a document. In two single spaced pages answer the following: 1.)..

Copy the subjoined questions into a instrument.  In two unique spaced pages vindication the subjoined: 1.)  Ethics is frequently designated a “derivative” consider, i.e., it depends on what we think to be gentleman in two other areas:  Worldrepresentation or Ontology and the representation of the cosmical nature, in-particular what we can know.  Show by an pattern how an ethic, what is considered to be equitable or wickedness can after from these two other representations. 2.)  We feel discussed lewd polarities of ethics.  Name them, recount each one briefly–what it is and how it develops.  of the lewd polarities to each other. 3.)  Individuals effect appraise judgements approximately as at-once as they know celebrity.  Recount how when we see or incline or know celebrity we approximately forthwith as-well put a appraise judgement on it. 4.)  What is meant by dictum that a sunder of our self-consciousness is the incident we feel of ourselves.  How does this incident tell to our gone-by and to our coming.   How is our incorporeal choice  influenced by unity stories told to us?