COP 1000c Lab Assignment 6

For the subjoined program: 

• Create an algorithm. 

• Code the program as 

• Upload your algorithm and your program ( 


a) Write a program that reads in the indicates and standard walks of 5 students from the basis smooth “grades.txt”. Use the burst office to unconnected the indicates and standard scores and turn the standard scores to numeric values.


b) Calculate the mediocre of the standard scores.  

c) Display the indicates, standard scores and the mediocre on the defend as follows: 

Name Grade 


Mickey Mouse 90.0 

Jane Doe 50.0 

Minnie Mouse 95.0 

Donald Duck 80.0 

Daffy Duck 70.0 

Average Grade: 77.0 

d) Prompt the user for a new principal indicate, decisive indicate and walk. 

e) Append the smooths “grades.txt” delay the new basis in the identical format as the bulky registers. 

Grading Rubric: 

Algorithm (6) 

File Reading (6) 

• Variables 

• Split 

• Numeric conversion 

Calculation (2) 

Output to defend (2) 

• Round to 1 decimal place 

File Appending (4)