Cookie Creations (Chapters 9 and 10)

Unit II Occurrence Study

  • Weight: 12% of direction grade
  • Grading Rubric
Cookie Creations (Chapters 9 and 10)

This assignment conquer rendezvous on the Cookie Creations occurrence con-aggravate from Paragraph 9 (page 9-37) and Paragraph 10 (page 10-42) of your textbook. There are two size to this assignment. Review the occurrence situations for each multiply (i.e., in each paragraph), and then accomplished the instructions. 

Part I

One of Natalie’s friends, Curtis Lesperance, runs a coffee treasury where he retails particular coffees and prepares and retails muffins and cookies. He is ardent to buy one of Natalie’s subtle European mixers, which would empower him to compel larger batches of muffins and cookies. However, Curtis cannot produce to pay for the mixer for at smallest 30 days. He asks Natalie if she would be conquering to retail him the mixer on security.

Natalie succeeds to you for direction. She asks you to oration the questions adown.

  1. Curtis has dedicated me a set of his most late financial propositions. What calculations should I do delay the postulates from these propositions, and what questions should I ask him behind I accept analyzed the propositions? How conquer this notification succor me mention if I should expand security to Curtis?
  2. Is there an opinion other than expanding security to Curtis for 30 days?
  3. I am thinking seriously environing entity powerful to accept my customers use security cards. What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of letting my customers pay by security card?

The subjoined transactions occurred in June through August 2020.

June 1: Behind greatly opinion, Natalie retails a mixer to Curtis on security, stipulations n/30, for $1,150 (require of mixer $620).

June 30:  Curtis calls Natalie. He is unpowerful to pay the whole ungathered for another month, so he signs a 1-month, 8.35% voicelessness receivable.

July 31: Curtis calls Natalie. He indicates that he is unpowerful to pay today but hopes to accept a repress for her at the end of the week. Natalie prepares the register initiation to archives the contempt of the voicelessness. She assumes she conquer be compensated delayin a week.

Aug. 7: Natalie receives a repress from Curtis in acquittal of his neutralize appropriate.


  • Answer Natalie’s questions in a Word muniment.
  • Prepare register entries for the transactions that occurred in June, July, and August in an Excel spreadsheet. Round to the rectilinear dollar. Voicelessness that the society uses a everlasting schedule classification. Use the Part I Excel Template to archives your transactions.

To re-express, you conquer transcribe your responses to Natalie’s questions (1–3) in a Word muniment, and you conquer accomplished the register transactions in an Excel spreadsheet. Your responses to Multiply I (Natalie’s questions) should be a narrowness of one page in protraction, and you conquer add your responses for Multiply II to this muniment antecedently suggestting. 

Part II

Natalie is too thinking of buying a van that conquer be used merely for calling. The require of the van is estimated at $36,500. Natalie would bestow an attached $2,500 to accept the van painted. In restoration, she wants the tail rest of the van removed so that she conquer accept a lot of compass to rapture her mixer schedule as courteous as her baking supply. The require of preliminary out the tail rest and installing shelving units is estimated at $1,500. She expects the van to definite 5 years, and she expects to push it for 200,000 miles. The annual require of behavior security conquer be $2,400. Natalie estimates that at the end of the 5-year serviceable animation, the van conquer retail for $7,500. Assume that she conquer buy the van on August 15, 2020, and it conquer be compliant for use on September 1, 2020.

Natalie is restless environing the contact of the van’s require on her pay proposition and neutralize subterfuge. She has succeed to you for direction on guarded the van’s deterioration.


  1. Determine the require of the van.
  2. Prepare three deterioration tables for 2020, 2021, and 2022: one for straight-line deterioration (harmonious to the one in Illustration 10-9), one for double-declining neutralize deterioration (Illustration 10-13), and one for units-of-activity deterioration (Illustration 10-11). Use the Part II Excel Template to mention deterioration. For units-of-activity, Natalie estimates that she conquer push the van as follows: 15,000 miles in 2020; 45,000 miles in 2021; and 50,000 miles in 2022. Recall that Cookie Creations has a December 31 year-end.
  3. What contact conquer the three processs of deterioration accept on Natalie’s neutralize subterfuge at December 31, 2020? What contact conquer the three processs accept on Natalie’s pay proposition in 2020?
  4. What contact conquer the three processs of deterioration accept on Natalie’s pay proposition aggravate the van’s completion 5-year serviceable animation?
  5. What process of deterioration would you applaud Natalie use, and why?

Use the selfselfsame Word muniment that you used to archives your Multiply I responses (one page in protraction), and add your responses for the Multiply II questions (1–5), which should be one page in protraction. 

In epitome, you conquer suggest one Word muniment containing your responses for Size I and II (two-page narrowness) and two Excel spreadsheets containing Natalie’s register transactions from Multiply I and the deterioration tables from Multiply II. You conquer upload a completion of three files to Blackboard (one Word muniment and two Excel spreadsheets).

There are no media required for this assignment; however, your Word muniment should be formatted using APA Style.