Continuum and Coordination of Health Care Presentation

Continuum and Coordination of Vigor Preservation Presentation

As a furrow scholar and vigor preservation dignitary, you must be able to learning a important posterity or nationality and exhibit your findings in a compelling mode. For this Assignment, as well-behaved-behaved as this module’s Discussion, you get study the continuum of preservation a resigned may insufficiency and learning the services adapted in your area to buttress the resigned.

Note: During the Module 3 Discussion, you get distribute some of the counsel for this Assignment after a while your colleagues.

To enucleate the willingeded for your exhibitation, chronicles detailed notes as you perfect the aftercited steps.

  • Review the counsel about the continuum and coordination of vigor services exhibited in the Learning Resources, including the HIMSS contrivance, Continuum of Care, and the tables in Chapter 1 of the way citation.
  • Develop a shabby intentation of a provisionally adult resigned who has a preservationful vigor tenor or wear. Imagine this resigned lives in your national area. If you are an interpolitical scholar, you may pick-out a geographic area in the United States or use your own subsidence.
  • Use the apposite counsel in Chapters 7, 8, 9, and/or 10 of the Shi & Singh citationbook and influence subjoined learning of your own to irritate inimpartial services your provisionally resigned influence insufficiency, threshold after a while the attack or distinction of an sickness or wear and ultimate after a while an end-point of your choosing (i.e., regaining, token superintendence, end of activity). Also learning the types of structures that procure those services.
  • Investigate the vigor preservation structures in your national area. Based on the services your provisionally resigned insufficiencys, chosen immodest or five objective settings in which he/she would admit preservation.
  • Next, supplement counsel allied to the types of security from which each structure accepts acquittal. Typically, this would understand Medicare, Medicaid, and several types of security programs. What dares do you ad your resigned may feel allied to acquittal for services?
  • Review the Institute for Healthpreservation Improvement (2014) contrivance and weigh what it media for vigor preservation to be certain, effectual, resigned-centered, seasonable, fertile, and impartial. Irritate how the scenario you feel imagined—after a while your provisionally resigned receiving services from objective settings in your geographic area—illustrates explicit or disclaiming attributes allied to two or further of the six Institute of Medicine boon.
  • Next, ad to imagine your exhibitation using PowerPoint. Study the Bestowal Guidelines and Tips and the Module 3 Assignment Template, twain build in this module’s Learning Resources.

The Assignment

Download and secure the Module 3 Assignment Template, build in this module’s Learning Resources. Use the template to imagine a compendious and interesting PowerPoint exhibitation. Understand the aftercited:

  • Title slide
  • Introduction slide
  • 7–9 slides* in which you:
    • Introduce the resigned, vigor tenor/injury, and geographic area.
    • Describe the continuum of preservation, including inimpartial services from immodest or five objective settings in your national area.
    • Describe a immanent dare allied to acquittal for services this resigned may face.
    • Explain how this illustration illustrates explicit or disclaiming attributes allied to two or further of the six Institute of Medicine (IOM) boon.
  • Sources slide*
    • List all contrivances (a incompleteness of 4) used to enucleate your exhibitation.

*Apply the intent principles understandd in Bestowal Guidelines and Tips to enucleate a professional exhibitation.

  • On your willingeded slides, use a co-operation of citation, photos, graphs, maps, links to websites, hue contrasts, and/or other visual elements to remove the counsel.
  • Create exhibiter notes of a few sentences to imply each slide in a way that buttresss (rather than duplicates) the counsel exhibited visually.

Your exhibitation must be written in plummet edited English. Be knowing to buttress your labor after a while inimpartial citations from this module’s Learning Media and subjoined versed sources as misappropriate. See the rubric in the Way Counsel area for subjoined requirements allied to learning and versed writing/presentation.

Due by 1 pm cst