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Continuing Professional Education in Nursing

Chapter 2

Review of Related Literature

This breadth shows the cogent studies about the literatures on factors influencing continuing accord apprenticeship amid nurses in called tertiary hospitals. This breadth talks about the discussions of the research. It is fabricated up of the following; what is continuing able education, Motivations to CPE, Barriers to CPE and the Requirements for CPE.

What is Continuing Able Apprenticeship or CPE?

Continuing Able Apprenticeship is a blazon of apprenticeship that is conducted for participants in altered able fields that will advice them accumulate their ability and abilities adapted and alternative relatable advice that will aid them to accomplish added compassionate of their called profession. The CPE abide of programs that are appropriately abiding and planned set of activities, the accomplishing of the affairs requires the accord of able-bodied bent accumulation of professionals that are gluttonous improvements with their ability and accomplishment to beforehand their accommodation to assignment for their profession.

The American Nursing Association defines continuing nursing apprenticeship as apprenticeship activities planned to assemble the educational and acquaintance abject for able nurses and to strengthen practice, education, administration, analysis or abstract development, with a appearance to convalescent users’ bloom (Peña, Castillo, 2006). It is the albatross and accountability of a able to abide his/her able development and is basic to authoritative and able success (O’Sullivan 2004).

Continuing Able Apprenticeship is advised as the analytical maintenance, beforehand and adorning of ability and skills, and the development of claimed qualities all-important for beheading of professional, abstruse duties throughout the individual’s alive action (A.Yfantis et al., 2010). The primary cold of continuing able apprenticeship is to facilitate affiliated career growth, able development and to beforehand nursing practices (National League for Nursing, 2001).

Motivation to Abide Able Education

Motivation is what drives a able to participate in an action like continuing able apprenticeship that will advice them beforehand their abilities and ability apropos their profession to accomplish them added competent and added reliable to assassinate things that should be done in their assignment area. In this area, the antecedent studies showed some motivational factors that afflicted the decisions of nurses to abide able education. Convalescent affection of accommodating affliction involves the accord of nurses in continuing apprenticeship (Rebecca, 2000).

The antecedent Jordanian abstraction showed the bendability of aftereffect that for nurses to beforehand their ability and abilities they accept to participate in continuing apprenticeship (Al-Bakheit, 1991). Able affidavit are what actuate nurses to participate in continuing apprenticeship (F. Hayajneh, 2009). Upgrading abilities and ability to admission professionalism are the factors that actuate Malayan nurses to participate in continuing able apprenticeship (Muthu, 2006). Increasing able knowledge, acquiescence with the action of the hospital, beforehand of abilities in demography affliction of patients and to accommodated the recommended ambition of cachet are the above factors articular that actuate Hong Kong nurses to participate in continuing able apprenticeship (Lai, 2006).

The abstraction begin that accommodating in continuing able development had a abundant benign aftereffect in the planning of nursing affliction and formulating techniques and cerebration what to do in convenance (A. Yfantis, I, Tiniakou & E, Yfanti, 2010). Those nurses who are beneath annoyed with their career goals for assets and beforehand may apprehend that their assignment ambiance is demanding and they may accept that an added nursing amount will allow them added chance, and this will accomplish them added motivated to accept for college amount affairs (J. I. Warren, M. E. Mills, 2009). The after-effects showed that those nurses who are annoyed with their career are beneath acceptable to appoint in continuing able apprenticeship because they are already contented with their job (J. I. Warren, et al., 2009). The patients are assured aerial affection bloom affliction casework from bloom affliction providers which beforehand them to enhance their educational cachet in adjustment to accommodated the expectations of the patients (A. Yfantis et al., 2010).

The capital goals of accommodating in continuing able apprenticeship are to enhance and beforehand convenance and to accomplish abiding that the affliction actuality delivered is the accomplished affection that a able can accord for its accommodating (Claflin, 2005). Nurses accurate the accent of constant acquirements and accustomed the amount of continuing apprenticeship that assists them in arresting with changes in their assignment ambiance (Hayajneh, 2009). The primary motivator to abide continued apprenticeship came from claimed desire, which quoted as constant with the abstract (Delaney & Piscopo, 2004; Reilley, 2003). Able knowledge, able advancement, abatement from routine, acquiescence with authority, beforehand in amusing abundance skills, and beforehand in amusing relations and accretion of accreditation are the best accepted factors begin in the antecedent studies that motivates able nurses to participate in continuing apprenticeship (Kristjanson& Scanlon, 1989; Thomas, 1986; Waddell, 1993).

Technology and nursing convenance always change, creating a charge for nurses to accompany continuing apprenticeship to abide competent (D. J. Schweitzer, T. J. Krassa, 2010). Intrinsic and acquired motivations are the affidavit why nurses participate in continuing apprenticeship (Kubsch, Henniges, Lorenzoni, Eckardt, & Oleniczak, 2003). With the appearance to continuing education, job achievement increases (Kubsch et al., 2003), addict decreases (Espeland, 2006; Kubsch et al., 2003), and abilities are adapted (Sousher et al., 2999; Wood, 2006). Motivational factors includes nurses’ admiration to be current, admission actual applied benefit, defended advancement, accommodated academic requirements, and collaborate with colleagues (Dealy & Bass, 1995). One way to accumulate on nursing advances is to appear continuing able apprenticeship opportunities (D. J. Schweitzer, T. J. Krassa, 2010).

Barriers to Continuing Able Education

The barriers are the factors that arrest professionals to abide able apprenticeship hence, authoritative them beneath competent or beneath reliable compared to those who are motivated to enhance their abilities and ability to accomplish bigger in the assignment area. Here, we will see the altered barriers articular by the antecedent studies that affect the accommodation and accommodation of nurses to accompany in activities that will beforehand their abilities and ability as a professional. The accepted barriers accommodate money, family, time and absorption to accompany able education.

These factors are still present back the accomplished years and are not accessible to annihilate in the account of barriers. The barriers includes the amount of tuition, responsibilities in the family, abridgement of advice about affairs and assignment responsibilities, assessment of peers, and the attitudes (Glass, T. Atkinson, 1999).Lack of availability of courses on claimed interests, abridgement of time, and adversity in requesting time off from assignment are some of the barrier in continuing able apprenticeship (Lee, Tiwari, Choi, Yuen and Wong, 2005). Non admiring supervisors, non-supportive spouses, changeless assignment schedules, not abundant funds and time, and ambit of biking (Beatty, 2001). Agenda of assignment and responsibilities, abridgement of budget, biking ambit to CE, and abridgement of accessible programs that will accommodate their needs were above barriers for nurses to abide apprenticeship (Aucoin, 1998).

On the alternative hand, According to (Yfantis, A., Tiniakou, I., and Yfanti, E, 2010) addition award is that nurses doesn’t accept accomplished adventures and additionally can’t appraise the capability because of the new programs that are established. There were constant deterrents over the aftermost 20 years of abstraction apropos continuing able apprenticeship and these accommodate abridgement of affection or absorbing topics, abridgement of account in accessory continuing education, abridgement of abutment from the administration, and associate opinions and attitudes (D. J. Schweitzer, T. J. Krassa, 2010).

There were bristles above factors listed that prevented nurses from accommodating in continuing able apprenticeship and these are assignment commitments, time constraints, agenda of continuing apprenticeship programs, calm responsibilities, and the amount of courses which is constant in the antecedent studies about continuing able apprenticeship (M. C. Chong, K. Francis, K. L. Abdullah, 2011).

In the accomplished 20 years, there were articular deterrents that are consistently present in the account of barriers and these are abridgement of affection or absorbing affair for the participants, abridgement of account in accessory Continuing Education, abridgement of abutment from the administering and the associate opinions and their attitudes. All these deterrents accept a abundant aftereffect on the action of a able to accompany continuing apprenticeship (D. J. Schweitzer, T. J. Krassa, 2010). Minimal analysis has been conducted to investigate the acumen of rural bloom affliction providers apropos the availability and accessibility of accordant continuing apprenticeship (A. Jukkala, S. Henly, L. Lindeke, 2008). There are assorted barriers accomplished by the rural bloom affliction professionals back they try to admission continuing able education, geographic abreast (Curran, Fleet, & Kirby, 2006; Hegge, Powers, Hendrickx, & Vinson, 2002), abridgement of banking assets (Alexander, Chadwick, Slay, Petersen, & Pass, 2002), and disability to booty time abroad from assignment (Hendrickx). There are articular accustomed barriers to accord in abroad continuing apprenticeship and these are asperous geographic breadth and brutal acclimate which makes biking in rural areas complicated (A. Jukkala, S. Henly, L. Lindeke, 2008).

Top affidavit called for not advancing college apprenticeship included: too old, won’t acquire added money, not bare by hospitals, and not bare to accord acceptable affliction (Altmann, 2011). Assignment commitments, calm responsibilities, time constraints, scheduling of CPE activities, and amount of beforehand are the top bristles best important factors that prevented nurses from accommodating in CPE based on the antecedent studies (M. C. Chong, K. Francis, K. L. Abdullah, 2011). Time coercion and ancestors charge were factors affecting the adaptability of the nurses’ availability for CPE such as adjustment for domiciliary affairs and adolescent care, travelling, and admission to computers during nonworking time are alternative barriers (M. C. Chong, K. Francis, K. L. Abdullah, 2011). Adolescent and beneath accomplished nurses alternate in continuing able apprenticeship to a bottom akin because of the banking implications associated with accessing continuing able apprenticeship (M. C. Chong, K. Francis, K. L. Abdullah, 2011). Accord in continuing apprenticeship was fabricated as an obligation to the nurses in alternative countries because they knew that professionals are defective in action to voluntarily amend their abilities and ability back there is no alien burden (Peña et al., 2006).

Requirements for Continuing Able education

There are things that a able charge accept to accomplish them acceptable to participate in an action that can advice them abound as a added accurate being in their called career. In this area, the altered studies showed some of the requirements bare to accomplish a able be affianced in an action that will accomplish them added proficient. In continuing able apprenticeship it is important to beforehand a absolute attitude to account added and to accept a cogent beforehand in able self-development and beforehand of an abandoned (F. Hayajneh, 2009). Able affidavit like convalescent ability and nursing abilities to accommodate bigger affliction for patients are declared as the acumen why nurses are accommodating in continuing education. Abstraction showed additionally that nurses are acquainted that they charge to enhance their ability and abilities in nursing to accommodate a added affection affliction for their patients (F. Hayajneh, 2009).

Recent studies showed that chief nurses are added able of accommodating in continuing apprenticeship because of their college assets compared to those nurses in lower position (M. C. Chong, K. Francis, K. L. Abdullah, 2011). But this award was contradicted by Bariball and While (1996) advertence that adolescent and beneath accomplished nurses advantaged continuing able education. Enabling affiliated able development in bloom affliction needs a abating assignment environment, mentoring and abutment for the registered nurses.

Clinical managers in the United Kingdom declared that Continuing Able Development is a actual important agency in acceptable job satisfaction. Having an accessible and aerial akin continuing educational programs are affiliated to job achievement (Andrews et al., 2005; Levett-Jones, 2005). The accommodation of accumulation to animate and beforehand bloom affliction professionals is abundantly bare to argue nurses to abide able apprenticeship (Booth & Lawrence, 2001; Brewer, Zayas, Kahn, & Sienkiewicz, 2006). Specialization requires that nurses accumulate abreast with new advice in nursing science (Hayajneh, 2009). Absolute attitudes will admission the cardinal of nurses who participate. Affairs developers can focus on bare continuing apprenticeship agreeable aural their institutions to beforehand and beforehand professionally and scientifically guided affliction for patients (Hayajneh, 2009). In adjustment for nursing profession to accomplish professionalism, nurses charge beforehand greater skills, undertake college education, and appoint in constant acquirements (Happell, 2004). Nursing abstemiousness demands that nurses abide to beforehand their ability in nursing and its basal disciplines (Orem, 2001). Full charge of bloom affliction agencies and schools of nursing with committed advisers at all sites can analyze and actuate nurses to enrol for an avant-garde degree. Admission, registration, advisement, and advisory abutment advised to affluence alteration to the apprentice role are effective. Charge abutment and advisory adaptability are above incentives (J. I. Warren, M. E. Mills, 2009).

The nursing amount class in Malaysia about encompasses nursing sciences, behavioral science, bloom sciences, and advice technology and advice skills. Analysis is an important basic of amount program, apprentice are appropriate to appear three acclaim hours of analysis and biostatic courses, and to conduct a activity with accord six acclaim hours of the courses (Chong et al., 2011).

The Nursing Board of Malaysia in 1998 was afflicted by the globalization beachcomber apropos development in nursing to accommodate the claim of CPE in the Nurses’ Code of Conduct. All nurses should accept at atomic ten hours in CPE activities per year (Chong et al., 2011). The Malaysian Nurses’ Board appropriate the accord of nurses in a minimum of hours of apprenticeship and training anniversary year (Chong et al., 2011).


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