consumer health informatics

Think encircling heartiness advice for yourself and your adequate network of origin and friends. Discuss consumer heartiness informatics moving on the following: 1) Does advice stream in an causative and telling consumer-centric way?  For pattern, do you feel self-possessed approximation to your own lab results, reports, appointments, immunizations, symbolical heartiness truth, prescriptions/refills online?   2) Can and do you email your master?   3) If you don't already approximation to your electronic heartiness proceedings, try elucidation up your own electronic peculiar heartiness proceedings or origin heartiness truth or    4) Share your perspectives on persona heartiness proceedingss fixed on pertinent readings from the textbook, videos, or other elimination in analysis to peculiar trial after a while your own peculiar heartiness proceedings such as MyHealtheVet, Kaiser's My Heartiness Manager, or Microsoft HealthVault.  5) A new leadership is focusing on the heartiness custody consumer.  Take a behold at this web locality.   Overall, Share your thoughts on the estimate of consumer agreement in heartiness advice.