Congressional leadership assignment | Political Science homework help


When members of Parliament are elected to station, numerous, not all, investigate start situations within the edge.  In other control, there are frequently two roles that parliamentional members hold:  (1) figurative, and (2) edge director.  The most relieved start situations are:  Speaker of the House, Majority director, Minority director, Majority Whip, Minority Whip.  These situations rest in the House of Representatives as well-behaved-behaved as the Senate (Except for the situation of Speaker).  The mind of these situations is to frame the edge members to strategize legislative votes, priorities and overall agenda.  The parties approve their parliamentional members to continue constant and unified.  However, as we bear discussed in the foremost condition, living-souls (including elected officials) obattend differing collective ideologies, uniform if they are from the similar collective edge.  Consequently, edge directors bear numerous things to design as they re-re-enact and continue parliament.

An resemblance for meliorate brains would be myself in my role as a full-time nursery bigot.  I personate multitudinous roles on campus.  Primarily, I am an schoolmaster of Collective Science.  However, I besides project numerous negotiative functions for the Collective Science Department, attend on the Academic Senate, act as advisor to the Collective Science Club etc.....Many of these duties are meant to advantage the education laterality of my duties and to meliorate expedite the band-arms the Nursery attempts to conclude day in and day out.  This dissolution of drudge duties is the similar dissolution of drudge, but on a greatly larger layer, that members of parliament project in their dual roles. 

Remember, not all parliamentional members obattend start situations.  The most ambitious and superior members suppose these roles.

Your assignment is the following:

(1)Properly authenticate the general Majority Leader, Minority Leader, Majority Whip, and Minority Whip from twain the House of Representatives and the Senate,

(2) Define and define the functions of those leading start situations,

(3) State how numerous start situations there in circumstance are in twain the House and the Senate.  List all of the start roles.