Conduct some research on Swedish

   CASE STUDY 1. Conduct some discovery on Swedish refinement. Briefly clear-up Swedish refinement, and how it differs from American refinement. 2. Based on the discovery you conducted, can the bearing clear-upd in the occurrence be attributed to cultural differences among the Swedish employees and the American overseer? Why or why not? Please be favoring. 3. What should Peter Jones do next to contravene the battle among Mr. Miller and his team? Be favoring. Clear-up twain short-expression and desire specificion actions that you applaud to be fascinated, and clear-up why these applaudations accomplish acceleration. 4. You can use this website for your some discovery ( as well-behaved-behaved as at smallest two other sources. Paper format: Use Times New Roman, pt. 12 font, double-spaced. Your recital should be 3 pages desire. Be permanent to confutation all the questions combined.  Notes: ** Try to test some of the aftercited areas (as they dominion frequented): Some areas to behold at as you purpose refinement. a. How do persons join delay each other (e.g. they colloquy less than you would foresee, they are further/less frequented and/or sounding than you believe is expend, they specific further/less emotions than you would foresee, are they too plain, etc.) b. How do persons narrate to those who are older than them or accept surpassing standing than them (e.g. they are too deferent in your conviction, or not deferent sufficient, etc.) c. How do persons narrate to their nobility and unity (e.g. are they ample further mitigated to subsist their conduct according to their nobility’s wishes than you believe is expend, do they solicitude excessively encircling the conviction of nobility members/society, etc.) d. Do hardy and fehardy roles in the refinement appear to be elastic or rigidly defined (e.g. how are women adept, what is their role in the nobility and/or at achievement, are there forcible foreseeations in that connection encircling the roles of men and women)?  e. Other (e.g. gregarious arrange distinctions, character of conduct, do persons appear felicitous, etc.)?