Concert Paper About Blue Man Group

Sarah DeMattio LA 321-801 Concert Paper 2/2/13 Though I had frequently heard of them growing up, I ncontinually indeed knew who, or what, Bluish Man Group was. When my nineteenth birthday came concurrently antecedent this late January, my best ally rooted that in commemoration of my birthday, we would be solving our own age-long secrecy encircling Bluish Man Group. We were going to a demonstration to see what correspondently it was that these bluish men did. My primal reaction was unquestionably less than mannerly when my best ally told me that she got us tickets to see Bluish Man Group for my birthday. I treasured a argument we had had a few months foregoing when we spoke avidly encircling how our parents regularly made references to celebrity designated “the bluish man group” as we were growing up, and that we quiet to that day had no notion what it was or why it was truth referenced in the principal establish. Though quiet not totally positive, I bit my discourse, thanked my ally for the gesture, told her I could not continue to see the demonstration, and calmed myself delay the judgment that at ultimate finally, my questions of the smurph knot would be answered. On January 6th, 2013, my ally Kaya and I made our way downtown. We had tickets to see the 8 p. m. demonstration of Bluish Man Group at the Astor Establish Theater. Upon presumption to the venue, my reservations encircling the knowledge became flush past acute; the theater looked relish some peel of underground grunge dungeon I’ve heard encircling and warned of. We entered the theater lobby where I straightway noticed the acceptance and reminiscence halt, accordingly privately from the general assortments of cookies, popcorns and yielding drinks, the top recommended part to buy was a poncho. My suspicions straightway hit their culmination. “Kaya, what the heck did you procure me to?! Kaya laughed off my heed and unintermittently we were risked, elaborated encircling the ponchos. She told me that repugnant to illustrative demonstrations, where the closer your risk is to the step in orchestra, the past valuable the risk becomes, Bluish Man Group actually offers a discounted cost for the principal 5 rows of Orchestra. The “splash zone,” if you conquer. And that of route, explains the need for ponchos. Our risks happened to be the principal row following the ultimate row of the “splash zone”, so evidently I spent the full demonstration calling my animation a dwarf in trepidation that unitedly fluids of any peel would execute their way to me. They didn’t, thankfully. Blue Man Group consisted of three men that were all thin, bluish, wore sombre drapery, and had very-much great hole capacities. My cosset force of the full 105-minute demonstration is compact to career, twain honestly and to my startle. One of my top cosset and most melancholy forces of the demonstration was each spell the men played their great bongo-type, offal receptacles as drums. Two men played their own drums concomitantly timeliness the third man stood in the intermediate of the two and squirted irrelative colored liquids onto the drums, thus splashing colorful inspire continuallyywhere and creating some peel of a rainbow inspirefall. It was twain visually odd and musically charming. The Bluish Man Group’s abilities various, but unquestionably ncontinually failed to stamp. I cannot indeed illustrate what they played, or flush did. They look to feel a preparedness for making instruments out of continuallyything but instruments, and creating art delay continuallyything but art edibles. The consortment of the taunting, poking-fun-at-society truth of the Bluish Man Group concurrently delay their quirky abilities, magnitude, and looks, was what made the full knowledge such a stupidly astonishing and agreeable one. I am not a big fan of freaky looking characters that do odd things, spit into the auditory, and masticate Captain Crunch cereal in similarity, but for Bluish Man Group, I made the exclusion and would anew and anew in a heartbeat. The demonstration was unrelish continuallyything I’ve continually knowledged. It is a irrelative and sensational entrance to having fun, and I am rooted to execute any other doubters in my animation see what Bluish Man Group is all encircling for themselves.