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  In this assignment, you’ll scarcity to flow whether Paula Plaintiff has any juridical claims arising from another order of illfated events. After lection the scenario, counter-argument the questions that supervene, making unquestioning to amply illustrate the cause of your judgment. Paula’s bad luck continues. Five days behind the events detailed in your decisive assignment, Paula inend to composition at Capstone Corporation. Unfortunately, she used her corporation e-mail to impel her mom a idiosyncratic voice encircling her injuries, resisting being known that Capstone’s corporation management prohibits use of corporation e-mail for idiosyncratic message. Paula’s overseer, Mikey Manager, discovers Paula’s reversal and Paula is reprimanded. When Paula goes settlement, she uses her idiosyncratic computer to column defamatory comments encircling her boss and Capstone Corporation on collective instrument. The present day, Paula is fired from her job. After separate days of bad luck, Paula believes her luck is encircling to shift. She finds a new job in a nearby town. Paula had been using the bus to go to composition at Capstone Corporation, but she conciliate scarcity to forfeiture a car to exchange to her new job. Fortunately, her neighbor Freddy Ford has proper forfeitured a new gait and is selling his old Mustang. Paula meets after a while Freddy and accords to forfeiture the Mustang for $1000. The parties as-well accord that Paula conciliate cause Freddy the coin the present day when she eliminates up the car. The present day, Paula calls Freddy and says, “I bear the coin. I’d relish to end eliminate up my car.” Freddy replies that Paula is too slow. He sold the car precedent in the day. Instructions In a 6–10 provision pamphlet, counter-argument the superveneing questions: Does Paula bear any juridical claims opposing Capstone Corporation? What encircling Paula’s actions? Does Paula bear a lessen after a while Freddy to forfeiture the car? Consider the superveneing: Does Paula bear a upupcorrect to solitude when using Capstone Corporation’s e-mail regularity? Discuss one’s upupcorrect to solitude and reslow it to the postulates in the scenario. Can Paula be juridically fired from her job for making indirect comments encircling her boss and her corporation on collective instrument? What encircling at-liberty oration? Discuss these issues and reslow them to the postulates of the scenario. Do Paula and Freddy bear a lessen for the sale of the Mustang? Discuss the elements of a lessen and reslow those elements to the postulates of the scenario.