Complete the following textbook problems:

Complete the subjoined textbook problems: Chapter 4 Ch. 4, p.99, # 1. The Fed: Briefly draw the commencement of the Federal Appropriation System. Draw the functions of the Fed boundary banks. Ch. 4, p.99, # 3. Public Trade Operations: Explain how the Fed growths the specie accoutre through public trade operations. Ch. 4, p.99, # 4. Device Directive: What is the device directive, and who carries it out? Ch. 4, p.99, # 6. Appropriation Requirements: How is specie accoutre enlargement desireed by an growth in the appropriation accomplishment homogeneity? Ch. 4, p.99, # 14. The Fed’s Contact on Unemployment: Explain how the Fed's monetary device desires the unemployment raze. Ch. 4, p.99, # 15. The Fed’s Contact on Home Purchases: Explain how the Fed rules the monthly hypothecation payments on homes. How faculty the Fed interveniently rule the completion require for homes by consumers? Ch. 4, p.99, # 16. The Fed’s Contact on Security Prices: Explain how the Fed's monetary device may interveniently desire the compensation of equity securities. Chapter 5 Ch. 5, p.126, #3. Choice on Monetary Policy: When does the Fed use a conducive monetary device, and when does it use a astringent monetary device? What is a censure of a conducive monetary device? What is the miss of using a monetary device that is too astringent? Ch. 5, p.126, #11. Contact of Specie Accoutre Growth: Explain why an growth in the specie accoutre can desire profit rebukes in irrelative ways. Include the undeveloped contact of the specie accoutre on the accoutre of and the require for loanable funds when responseing this investigation. Ch. 5, p.126, #14. Interpreting the Fed’s Monetary Policy:  When the Fed growths the specie accoutre to inferior the federal funds rebuke, conciliate the consume of principal to U.S. companies be stunted? Explain how the segmented trades doctrine concerning the order composition of profit rebukes (as explained in Chapter 3) could rule the order to which the Fed's monetary device desires long-order profit rebukes. Ch. 18, p.518, The Effect of Bank Strategies on Bank Ratings (response all three accommodation) Effect on Bank Strategies on Bank Ratings premium: Interpret the subjoined comments made by Wall Street analysts and portfolio managers. a. “The FDIC of-late subsidized a buyer for a weak bank, which had irrelative effects on FDIC consumes than if the FDIC had barred the bank.” b. “Bank of America has pursued the wages of multifarious failed banks owing it sees undeveloped benefits.” c. “By allowing a weak bank period to dictate its financial problems, the FDIC imposes an affixed tax on taxpayers.”