Competency 2 reflection


Competency 2: Analyze faculty government approaches used to set-up high-performance organizations.

This meditation enthusiasm is interposed of two sections accumulatively totaling a reserve of 500 suffrage. Complete your meditations by responding to all prompts. 

Job Search

Visit O*Net. In the pursuit box, pursuit for your general job, a job you comprehend well-behaved, or a job you may mount internal.  Answer the inquirys beneath based on the job you pursuited for:

  • What is the job heading?
  • What are the top 5 tasks listed for that job? 
  • As an HR supervisor, which skills do you deem conciliate be in call-for for this collocation? What would you appear for in a aspirant?
  • As someone applying for the collocation, what trailing or professional crop opportunities would you meditate completing to fashion the certain skills?
Job Interview

Chapter 6 illustrates experience-based topal meeting inquirys in which a aspirant must illustrate how he or she handled a biased kind of top (see Table 6.2 for examples). Imagine you common a furtherance and were going to meeting aspirants to re-establish you in the role pursuited aloft.

Consider the answers to the inquiry aloft and address the following:

  • Describe 4 experience-based topal meeting inquirys you potentiality ask each aspirant.
  • Explain what would you anticipate to acquire encircling the aspirant from their response to each inquiry.
  • Explain why it is considerable as the hiring supervisor to comprehend what you anticipate to acquire from these inquirys?

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