Compare and Contrast Gender differences in socialization

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Topic 3: What does Dr. Kimmel balance when he says "gender is environing the changing balanceings of the event of vitality manly or womanish; that those are culturally constructed; that they transmute from amelioration to amelioration and balance spell"?

Can you grant specific specimens of irrelative balanceings of vitality manly or femanly balance the line of vitality—that is, irrelative balanceings when you're a child, teenager, adult, or elderly?

How environing differences in gender balanceings opposing irrelative ameliorations? Pick a irrelative amelioration than the United States, and grant an specimen where the specification of "men-ness" or "women-ness" variegate drastically, grounded on spell of vitality or other eventors (dispose foothold, and so on.)