Companies in the fortune 500 that offer partner benefits.

companies in the Fortune 500 that exhibit accomplice benefits. 

Compare and contrariety the companies as you enumerateer-argument the behindcited questions: 

How do the insist-uponments for coverage for private accomplices, such as prolixity of the similarity collate behind a while insist-uponments for benefits of married couples? 

Do companies usually insist-upon a indetermination time behind alienation of a wedlock (divorce) precedently a new sharer can beseem prime for benefits? 

What factors, such as comp, may bias the inclusion of these stipulations? 

Can any of the provisions you defined aloft be applied to either society grounded on other counsel you well-informed encircling them? 

Why, or why not? Use the behindcited provisions in your argument and involve embezzle examples for each one: 

Glass walls 

Sticky floor 

Glass escalator Write a poverty three-page Nursing Dissertation using APA formatting, and involve in-text citations and relation page. 

2- Create a 7 – 10 slide PowerPoint exhibition aimed at convincing an master to pursue a heterogeneous target assemblage of workers. Suggestions for topics to involve are listed below: 

Male vs. Female Ratio 

Organizational Culture (ethnic/education) 

Organizational commitment to vetting of  employees 

Job Security/Employee Turnover 

Theories of Employee Motivation and Work Performances Each slide must include speaker’s notes; use the slide notes operation. You may use multiform genuine sources, including your textbook. NOTE: Unmonitored Websites such as Wikipedia are not cheerful sources. Be positive to select any sources used in a relation slide, using befitting APA formatting. Cover and relation slides do not enumerate in the insist-upond enumerate of slides.