Posted: October 27th, 2022

Community Resource Center Reflection

read the instruction

You can choose any building from these? And do 100% grade work pls

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Community Resource Center Reflection
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Bougainvillea Jeddah


Fakeeh hospital

And Instructions are:

· The writing should be original, not plagiarized

· The writing should be formal and objective in tone

· The writing should be analytical rather than purely descriptive

· The writing should thesis driven

· The thesis should be supported by evidence

Collect and critically analyze the literature on your topic in order to familiarize yourself with the scope of your topic as well as the key arguments, issues and questions related to your topic.

· Indent the first line in each paragraph

· A topic sentence is a mini argument that helps develop the thesis, which is stated in the introduction.

· Each paragraph within the body of a paper should contain a topic sentence, which develops an aspect of the thesis.

· Each sentence within a paragraph should relate to the one before it and the one after it to ensure one’s ideas are coherent and fully developed. Without a clear transition between sentences, the paragraph will consist of independent statements that do not relate to one another.



Despite design similarities, Saudi Arabian malls are not mere copies of North American malls.

Topic sentence: Unlike their North American counterparts, Saudi Arabian malls increasingly include hotels as part of their master plan.

· Include a cover sheet with student name and student i.d.

· Use one-inch margins on all sides of the paper.

· Use double-spacing throughout the paper. No extra spacing between paragraphs.

· Use 12 point font (preferably Times New Roman).

· Staple the hard copy version of the paper.

· Start to research basic information about the building or buildings

· What is the name of the building (if given)?

· What is the building’s address (district and street)?

· What is the building type?

· Who is the developer?

· Who is the architect or engineer?

· What are the building’s dimensions (size and number of stories)?

· What are the building materials?

· Is the building’s developer or architect well known?

· What is significant about the building?

· Is the building unique or typical?

· Is the building’s context significant?

· Does the building respond to its context?

· Is the building’s façade, materials, ornament or plan distinctive?

• APA style, you will cite at least three sources.  Moreover, the sources should be scholarly:  official websites (the architect’s web site or a newspaper’s web site, for example), not any architecture web site.

Dear Students:  As requested, your research papers.
Students should include images of their buildings of choice at the end of the research papers.  Please do not insert images within the body of the text.  Also, please cite the source of your image next to the image.  In addition, students should have a “Reference” page (listing written sources) after the “Images” pages.
Quotations:  Please only quote as evidence.  Avoid quoting simply in lieu of using your own words.  If you have difficulty coming up with alternative phrasing, please e-mail me for help.  Below please find examples of appropriate ways to quote:
1.  A champion of modern housing, Le Corbusier argued:  “Houses are machines for living in.”
2.  Architectural historian Dell Upton contends that Le Corbusier’s claim that “[h]ouses are machines for living in” ignores critical economic and social issues.
If you alter a quote as I did above, integrating the quote into an existing sentence and, therefore, changing “Houses” to “houses,” please place the letter in brackets to indicate the change.

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