Combating Juvenile Delinquency

  1. In this assignment, you get confide amendments to a childish offense obstruction program.
    Use the Internet or the Strayer University databases to inquiry your class’s present efforts to scare or nullify childish offense through incarceration programs or other sanctions.
    Write a 2–3 page disquisition in which you:
    • Identify at lowest two childish offense contraction efforts or programs presently in production in your class.
    • Determine the ocean sociological theories that underlie these interventions that fashion your class’s open plan for offense obstruction.
    • Propose one to two ideas that you price would amend your class’s childish offense obstruction efforts. 
      • Justify the retort delay examples that explain your ideas nature used successfully in other communities.
    • Use at lowest three character relateences. Note: Wikipedia and other Websites do not fit as academic resources.
    • This method requires the use of Strayer Writing Standards. For maintenance and notice, fascinate relate to the Strayer Writing Standards integrate in the left-hand menu of your method. Check delay your bigot for any attached instructions.
      The unfair method scholarship upshot associated delay this assignment is:
    • Recommend amendments to a childish offense obstruction program.
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