Clinical Case Study Presentation (Power point APA format)

    Clinical Case Study Presentation Diagnosis, Symptom and Illness Management Presentations (35 Points) Pick a Topic from the register of Diseases discussed weeks 11-15. You are to do a capability apex offer using the forthcoming headings beneath. Give a regular enduring delay this distemper way and how they would give to the employment and how you would fruit up, diagnose and manage. Pictures are encouraged. You earn be graded on professionalism and allureing. Slides need to entertain Control Over (Your control giving the offer on each slide) Max 20 slides and Max 10 Minutes. Upload to Moodle. This may be performed in assemblys of 2 tyros or partially, twain tyros must entertain their own control moderate in the offer. The control of tyros should be 50/50 separated shapeless the slides. Each tyro must surrender decisive offer partially and if performed in assembly, the second peculiar surrenderting fascinate oversight the Turn it in account as it earn say 100% and lawful add still n ess delay surrender though Moodle of your partners call. (Group members must entertain identical zealot) Link on how to do Powerapex delay control over     IMPORTANT 9 slides feminine control discounting the chief slide an 9 more control discounting the latest slide references.... Presentations must apprehend a Slides delay the forthcoming knowledge. ·       TITLE (slide 1) ·       DESCRIPTION  (Patient knowledge)  (slide 2 etc.. and so on) ·       EPIDEMIOLOGY ·       ETIOLOGY ·       RISK FACTORS ·       ASSOCIATED CONDITIONS ·       HISTORY ·       PHYSICAL EXAM ·       DIFFERENTIAL DIAGNOSIS ·       TESTS ·       TREATMENT ·       PROGNOSIS ·       REFERENCES