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  reply to the students solution in 150 suffrage partiality and prepare 1 reference question  What are the advantages and hindrances of using multiple methods for job separation? Why?  students solution   The advantages of using multiple methods for job separation is to assemble opposed types of instruction for the opposed job functions set-up in structures.  The rule of determining job requirements includes a assembleion of instruction environing the local activities conducted in a feature job and using that instruction to indicate the cognizance, skills, and abilities to accomplish the job duties.  In space job separation, the job functions of a feature job are analyzed to indicate if they align delay the mission and goals of the structure.  In job decorates, employees are asked to prepare instruction on decorate preferences which are incentives for them to remain delay the structure.  These preferences are compared to what alike industries are using to hold employees.  Most structures having consonance portion employees conciliate muniment job decorates in a assembleive bargaining consonance.     Applying multiple methods of job separation conciliate prepare you delay instruction on job functions, the required cognizance needed to accomplish a job, and employees’ apprehension of decorates, the hindrance of conducting multiple job analyses is that they conciliate not decide you whether an suppliant conciliate abound in a feature job or be a good-tempered-tempered fit for the humanization of the structure