CJS 231 Biological Criminal Behavior Paper


Choose a nefarious delinquent who committed crimes due to a biological debate.

Write a 1,400- to 2,100-word Nursing essay discussing the genetic or physiological averment that supports the belief that biology played a key role in explaining the delinquent's nefariousity.

Research the behaviors that depute psychopathy. Discuss in component the local behaviors demonstrated by the delinquent that align delay behaviors weighty of a psychopathic peculiar. Case examples conceive the following:

  • Andrea Yates and the documented averment of psychiatric issues, including post-partum hollow, former to the murders of her five children
  • Charles Whitman, notorious as the Texas Tower Sniper, and the intercourse of a tooth discovered post-mortem alleged to entertain played a role in his public acts of aggression
  • John Hinckley, Jr. and the documented averment of psychiatric issues immanent to his controversial mental-unsoundness rampart in the shooting of President Ronald Reagan

Include at meanest two academic references.

Format your Nursing essay compatible delay APA guidelines.

I succeed pay 18.00 including the down acquittal entrust.