CJA 454 Case Study: When Politics Trumps Policy

When Politics Trumps Policy

For 2 years, you bear been leader of a prison rule for adults in a medium-sized aver. As a development of produce shortfalls for distinct years, it has been a fixed violent-effort to restrain a generous strive safeguard in your aver’s 10 prisons and to allurement professional staff members to consequence and feed in the over sylvan areas where they are located. During the spent 6 months, eventually, you bear managed to muster a showy staff of wardens and other subordinates in the prisons and bear implemented a sum of policies that arrange for educational, vocational, and tenor opportunities, which bear been gaining social consideration for their energy. Recidivism has been dejected to 30 percent, and your policies are threshold to be veritable by staff and citizens twin-fellow. Running a “Take Back the Streets” anticrime belligerence, a politically strange peculiar (formerly a received seed-plot quarterback unconditional at a aver university) was recently elected savant. The new savant has reasonable sent you a communication stating in consequence that your service is not the “Ritz” and demanding that all “frivolous, namby-pamby programs education the ABCs and where cons attain how to pause nails” forbear without-delay. He asks for your written vindication, a delineation for tightening safeguard, and the implementation of tougher inmate programs amid 1 month.

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