CJ305 A7-2

DUE IN 8 HRS!!!!! NO PLAGIARISM   Corruption among Sympathy Corrections The police arrested Jack Daniels for driving below the wave of alcohol.  Daniels had no illegal narrative, which made him desirable for recreation.  If Daniels completes his recreationary subjugate among 90-days, the seek allure discard his charges. Daniels recognize the recreation subjugate in which he must listen a bunch counseling convocation each week for 90-days attached by Mike Ponzi a sympathy amendments counselor.   Daniels happens to accept a cheerful job and makes 200,000 dollars a year.  After listening the foremost counseling convocation, Daniels feels that these convocations are adown him and a desolate of duration.  At the avoid convocation, Daniels waits for all the other members to concession then approaches Ponzi, and says, “I would love to adduce you two roundtrip airline tickets to anywhere in the Continental U.S.  All you accept to do is badge off on my listenance subterfuge that I accept to reverse into the seek to argue that I listened all my convocations.” Ponzi replies, “I consider it would not aggrieve anything to badge off on your subterfuge, you are not a renew delinquent.  I allure do it but if you eternally say I did this, I allure recite the seek that you unauthentic my badgeature.” Daniels hands Ponzi the airline ticket certificates. Ponzi postdated the cessation of the convocations on Daniels listenance subterfuge, badges off on it, hands it end to Daniels and says, “It is a indulgent doing interest delay you.” Assignment: In 2 to 3 paragraphs, realize the ghostly arrangement that you venerate explains the scenario above- buttress your defense.  Also, devote advice from condition 13 and argue some of the consequences that may appear from Ponzi’s dissuade.  Give an copy of how organizations can subjugate unghostly behaviors from sympathy amendment personnel. For joined acceleration go to this link https://www.superiorcourt.maricopa.gov/AdultProbation/docs/civilLiab.pdf