Choose one of the following scenarios and answer the questions provided. Support your answers using scientific reasoning and discussing possible impacts to individuals, society, and the environment. B

Choose one of the forthcoming scenarios and vindication the questions granted. Support your vindications using or-laws forced and sift-canvassing virtual impacts to men-folks, connection, and the environment. Be secure to too sift-canvass any medical or divine issues that may dedicate. Scenario 1: Scientists accept open genetically engineered inserts that are pest-resistant. By adding genes to the insert’s DNA, they behove toxic to insects (but not to inserts or animals). This resources that these inserts may not need to be sprayed after a while pesticides to repel off the insects. Would you be voluntary to eat these genetically altered crops? Explain your vindication. (5 points) What are some virtual impacts (dogmatic or indirect) of this genetically engineered insert on the environment, connection, and men-folks? (5 points) Scenario 2: Jan’s sister and dame accept twain had after a whilestand cancer. She is wondering if she should experience genetic testing to stop for a rear of the BRCA1 gene. A rear in the BRCA1 gene is uniformly associated after a while, but not guaranteed to producer, after a whilestand cancer. The closeness of a rear increases a patient’s chances of getting after a whilestand cancer to environing 85 percent, compared to a 13 percent miss in the unconcealed population. Costs may deviate, but most labs accuse patients or their prophylactic companies less than $3,000 to order the BRCA1 to observe for rears. Do you conceive that Jan should experience genetic sequencing? Explain your vindication. (2 points) What are virtual pros and cons of having such tests effected? (5 points) Describe how the availability of genetic sequencing can influence the number of genetic diseases in men-folks and populations. (3 points)