Chem Paper


The repute must be naturalized on counsel you supplement and incorporate. Do not cut and paste any counsel into the repute


The repute must feel a Cover page that includes the Title and your designate and the designate of the high sphere part you select for your repute.


The repute must be at lowest three bountiful pages using enfold succession spacing, 1 inch margins, Times New Roman font, and 12 hurl font bulk.


The pamphlet should communicate a patronymic of each of the subjoined ailments:


Cancer----what is it and why is it impenetrable to confront a return


Heart ailment--------what is it and how can we try to obstruct hardihood ailment


Diabetes-------what is it and can we confront a genetic return for diabetes


Summary provision stating your conviction on which ailment should get the most exploration coin in reserved to confront a return.


List the sources of your counsel (web sites, books, etc).