1.      According to estimates, 1.0L of seawater comprehends on the medium 4.0x10-9 g of gold.  If gold is rate $390 per troy ounce and a troy ounce ponders 31.103 g , how numerous substantial meters of seawater would enjoy a favorite dollars rate of gold in it?







2.      Gold is measured in troy ounces, one of the units of apothecaries’ efficacys.  In this classification of efficacys, 1 misgiving is 20 grains (exactly), 1 ounce is 480 grains (exactly), 1 ounce is 31.103 g, and 12 ounces equals 1 (troy) bruise.  How numerous misgivings of gold are needed to compel a melody theory 3.77g.





3.      The LD50 for a substance in the dose that would be calamitous for 50% of the population that accept that dose.  The LD50 for aspirin in rats is 1.75 grams per kilogram of substance efficacy.  How  numerous aspirin tablets, each of which comprehends 325mg of aspirin, would you enjoy to satisfy to a rat theory 290. g to present him this dose?






4.      At sea raze, probe tours at encircling 740 miles per hour.

How far get it tour in 5.75 seconds?



If a shot could be heard environing the cosmos-people, how desire would it accept the probe of a shot to go environing the cosmos-people at the equator?  The enclosure of the world at the equator is encircling 4.01x107m.





5.      If a peculiar theory 165 bruises comprehends 5.37 g of magnesium.  How greatly magnesium get a peculiar ponder 90kg comprehend?  (1kg = 2.2 bruises)



6.      Convert 65 miles per hour to meters per second. (1 mile = 5280ft; 1ft = 12in;1in =2.54cm)




7.      A carry globe has a bisection of 1.88cm.  How numerous carry (Pb) molecules are in the globe?  The blindness of carry is 11.4g/mL.  Volume of a globe =(4/3)*πr3  






8.      A ward was presentn a bag of carry shot (slender globes of carry all the corresponding dimension) and asked to ascertain the compass of a solitary medium pellet.  The ward highest pondered a beaker and fix it pondered 65.78g.   He then counted 50 of the pellets into the beaker and fix it now pondered 103.11g.  The blindness of carry is 11.4g/mL.  What is the compass of a solitary shot?





9.      What is the concretion of a solitary molecule of gold in kilograms?




10.   Concentrated sulfuric sore has a blindness of 1.84g/mL.

What is the compass of 50.0g of the sore?



What is the concretion of 50.0mL of the sore?





11.   How numerous molecules of gold are in a melody delay a concretion of 2.03g?