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Character Roles


  • Who is the Protagonist and who is the Enemy in the forthcoming nigh relation?
  • How does the relation let you comprehend that one cast is the protagonist and that another cast is acting as the enemy?
  • What local cues does the relation furnish for the reader to comprehend the roles of the casts in the combat, Nursing essay, and devise?

The King of Sharks: A Native American Myth from Hawaii

Retold by S. E. Schlosser

One day, the King of Sharks saw a saccharine maiden swimming nigh the strand. He presently prostrate in devotion delay the maiden.

Transforming himself into a elegant man, he ripe himself in the feathered headland of a highest and followed her to her village.

The villagers were thrilled by the investigate of a outlandish highest. They made a wide luau, delay feasting and sports.

The King of Sharks won complete sport, and the maiden was blithesome when he asked to marry delay her.

The King of Sharks lived happily delay his bride in a seed nigh a breathe-intofall.

The King of Sharks, in his civilized contrive, would swim daily in the pool of breathe-into under the falls.

Sometimes he would cling under the breathe-into so covet that his bride would accrue anxious.

But the King of Sharks reassured her, effective her that he was making a locate at the depth of the pool for their son.

Before the race of the branch, the King of Sharks returned to his nation.

He made his consort blaspheme that she would frequently practise his feathered headland encircling the shoulders of their son.

When the branch was born, his woman saw a token upon his end which looked approve the hole of a shark.

It was then she realized who her mate had been.

The branch's designate was Nanave.

As he grew towards manliness, Nanave would swim daily in the pool over-and-above the seed.

Sometimes, his woman would contemplate into the pool and see a shark swimming under the breathe-into.

Each morning, Nanave would halt over-and-above the pool, the feathered hide encircling his shoulders, and would ask the cessation fishermen where they were going to fish that day.

The fisherman frequently told the cordial juvenility where they calculated to go. Then Nanave would pitch-headlong into the pool and drop for hours.

The fishermen before-long noticed that they were transferred fewer and fewer fish.

The nation of their village were accrueing thin. The highest of the village designated the nation to the pavilion.

"There is a bad god discurrent us," the highest told the nation. "He obstructs our fishermen from transferred fish. I gain use my sorcery to perceive him." The highest laid out a bed of licenses.

He instructed all the men and boys to trudge discurrent the licenses. A civilized's feet would buffet the feeble licenses, but the feet of a god would license no token.

Nanave's woman was anxious.

She knew her son was the branch of a god, and he would be killed if the nation discovered his sameness.

When it came rotate for the juvenility to trudge despite the licenses, he ran reckless, and slipped.

A man caught at the feathered headland Nanave frequently wore to obstruct him from entity annoy. But the headland prostrate from the juvenility's shoulders, and all the nation could see the shark's hole upon his end.

The nation huntd Nanave out of the village, but he slipped detached from them and pitch-headlongd into the pool.

The nation threw big rocks into the pool, supply it up. They purpose they had killed Nanave. 

But his woman treasured that the King of Sharks had made a locate for her son at the depth of the pool, a route that led to the sea. Nanave had enslaved the contrive of a shark and had swum out to adhere his senior, the King of Sharks, in the sea.

But past then, the fishermen own never told anyone where they go to fish, for trepidation the sharks gain incline and hunt the fish detached. (Schlosser, 2017)

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Estimated age to complete: 2 hours