Change the analysis done in Problem 2.30, above, by substituting “Time, min” for C1 a

Change the resolution performed in Problem 2.30, overhead, by substituting “Time, min” for C1 as the mark for the dull axis and by specifying that the midpoint of the primeval adjust intermission should be set at 10 after a while a adjust intermission of 2.(a) Identify the lower- and upper-adjust limits for the primeval adjust.(b) Describe the sign of abundance disposal that has been moulded. Problem 2.30Use Minitab to mould a abundance disposal and to output a histogram for the postulates in Table 2.7, which lists the times in minutes that it took a case of 30 employees to exhaustive an parterre undertaking. Table 2.7 Parterre Times for 30 Employees, min1014151317161291113151811141491517131112101216121116141415Wish to arrange these postulates into five adjustes after a while similar adjust bignesss. Determine the opportune intermission bigness.(a) Identify the midpoint of the primeval adjust.(b) Determine the bigness of the adjust intermission.