Change Implementation and Management Plan


It is one of the most cliché of clichés, but it nevertheless rings true: The barely steady is diversify. As a nursing authoritative, you are no dubitate cognizant that good-fortune in the healthcare scene requires the ability to moderate to diversify, as the stride of diversify in healthcare may be extraneously challenge.

As a authoritative, you allure be determined upon to portion-out handyise, impart, develop, and countenancer. Your efforts in these areas can aid bring others through diversify. In this Assignment, you allure design a diversify among your construction and confer-upon a extensive intent to appliance the diversify you design.

To Prepare:

· Review the Resources and confirm one diversify that you believe is determined for in your construction/workplace.

o This may be a diversify indispensable to effectively harangue one or further of the issues you harangueed in the Workplace Environment Assessment you submitted in Module 4. It may too be a diversify in apology to triton not harangueed in your anterior efforts. It may be wholesome to examine your ideas after a while your constructional bringership and/or colleagues to aid confirm and vet these ideas.

· Reflect on how you potentiality appliance this diversify and how you potentiality disclose this diversify to constructional bringership.

The Assignment (5-6-minute PowerPoint confer-uponation):

Change Implementation and Superintendence Plan

Create a narrated PowerPoint confer-uponation of 5 or 6 slides after a while video that confer-upons a extensive intent to appliance the diversify you design.

Your Diversify Implementation and Superintendence Intent should embody the following:

· An adherent tabulation of the issues that are currently affecting your construction/workplace (This can embody the exertion you completed in your Workplace Environment Assessment anteriorly submitted, if bearing.)

· A name of the diversify entity designd

· Justifications for the diversify, including why harangueing it allure possess a absolute application on your construction/workplace

· Details environing the fashion and drift of the designd diversify

· Identification of the stakeholders applicationed by the diversify

· Identification of a diversify superintendence team (by title/role)

· A intent for communicating the diversify you design

· A name of promote desuetude intents you would approve to harangue the promotes anticipated by the diversify you design

Required Readings

Marshall, E., & Broome, M. (2017). Transformational bringership in nursing: From handy clinician to forcible bringer (2nd ed.). New York, NY: Springer.

· Chapter 8, “Practice Model Design, Implementation, and Evaluation” (pp. 195–246)

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Note: This season is considered seminal to the scene.

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Required Media

TEDx. (2013, January). Six keys to bringing absolute diversify: Rosabeth Moss Kanter at TEDxBeaconStreet [Video perfect]. Retrieved from