Ch23+24 Apush Notes

AP US History Review Sheet – Chapters 23 and 24 1. In the Presidential acceptance of 1868, U. S. Grant’s ovation was due to the votes of preceding ebon slaves. 2. In the recent 19th eldership, those gregarious candidates who antagonismed by ‘waiving the murderous shirt’ were reminding voters of the treasonous Confedescold Democrats during the Civil War. 3. A implement that was used to put Boss Tweed, head of New York City’s shameful Tweed Ring, in jail was the cartoons of the gregarious satirist Thomas Nast. 4.The Credit Mobilier calumny concerned reproveroad rendering kickbacks involving the Concord Pacific Railroad. 5. One suit of the Disturbance of 1873 was the rendering of further contenties than the market could tolerate. 6. As a discerption to the disturbance of 1873, debtors suggested inflationary policies. 7. One fruit of Republican ‘hard specie’ policies was to acceleration elite a Democratic House of Representatives in 1874, and recentr the myth of the Greenback Work portion-out. 8. During the Gilded Age, the Democrats and the Republicans had few momentous economic differences. 9. The superintendential acceptances of the 1870s and 1880s aroused catholic portion-out floating voters. 10. One discuss for the burdensome turnouts and disciple reason was the Gilded Age was spirited ethnic and cultural differences in the partnership of the two parties. 11. During the Gilded Age, the lifeblood of twain the Democratic and the Republican parties was gregarious buttress. 12. The ocean drift in the 1876 superintendential acceptance centered on the two sets of acceptance income submitted by Florida, South Carolina, and Louisiana. 13. The Compromise of 1877 fruited the end Reconstruction, and the concealment of federal phalanx from the South. 14. The seque3nce of superintendential stipulations of the ‘forgettable superintendents’ of the Gilded Age (including Cleveland’s two non-consecutive stipulations) was Hayes, Garfield, Arthur, Cleveland, Benjamin Harrison, and Cleveland. 15. In the 1896 fact of Plessy vs. Ferguson, the Supreme Court firm that ‘sepascold but equal’ facilities were cosmical. 16. At the end of Reconstruction, Southern clears disenfranchised African-Americans delay poll taxes (made illicit in federal acceptances via the 24th Amendment in 1964, and in avow acceptances aftercited to that via Supreme Court governing), literacy tests (made illicit by the Voting Rights Act of 1965), grandfather clauses (made illicit by Supreme Court conclusion in 1915), and economic horror. 17. The lawful codes that normal the classification of hostility were determined Jim Crow laws. Jim Crow was the indicate of a species in a singer profession. 18.The reproveroad startle of 1877 systematic when the indelicate catholicst reproveroads cut salaries by ten percent. 19. Work noise in the 1870s and 1880s fruited in the use of federal phalanx during startles. 20. In the rouse of anti-Chinese vehemence in California, the U. S. Congress passed a law prohibiting migration of Chinese workers to American (the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882. ) 21. One of the ocean discusss that the Chinese came to the U. S was to dig for gold. 22. Abraham Lincoln was the chief superintendent to be assassinated continuance in appointment; the coopescold was James Garfield. The third was William McKinley, and the indelicateth and decisive was JFK. 23. Superintendent James A. Garfield was assassinated by a cranky, disappointed appointment seeker. 24. The Pendleton Act required appointees to common appointment to select a competitive Nursing essay, and outlawed the capability that federal workers subscribe to acceptance antagonisms. 25. Delay the road of the Pendleton Act, politicians now sought specie from big strengthenings. 26. The 1884 acceptance debate among James G. Blaine and Grover Clevefix was famous for its identical attacks on the two candidates. 27. U. S. Grant, Rutherford B. Hayes, James Garfield, and Chester Arthur were all Republicans. Grover Clevefix was a Democrat. Clevefix and Wilson would be the solely Democrats eliteed among 1860 and 1928. 28. On the manifestation of the tariff, Superintendent Grover Clevefix advocated a inferior scold. 29. The ocean antagonism manifestation of the 1888 superintendential acceptance was tariff management. 30. In the recentr decades of the 19th eldership, it was generally gentleman that the locus of gregarious mightyness was Congress. 31.The forthcoming Populist antagonism to effect a consentaneity of clear and ebon farmers ended a racist backlash that eliminated ebon voting in the South. 32. The gregarious lay-openments of the 1890s were amply shaped by the most rigid and sufficient economic discouragement up to that span. 33. Economic noise and the revocation of the Sherman Silver Purchase Act led to the soften of a pro-silver head – a charismatic puerile Congressman from Nebraska – William Jennings Bryan. 34. Superintendent Grover Clevefix aroused wide-spread common imbitter by his operation of borrowing $65 pet in gold from J. P. Morgan’s banking syndicate. 35. During the Gilded Age, most of the reproveroad barons built their reproveroads delay empire countenance. 36. The common empire accelerationed to finance transcontinental reproveroad rendering in the recent nineteenth eldership by providing reproveroad strengthenings delay fix grants. 37. The solely transcontinental reproveroad built delayout empire aid was the Catholic Northern. 38. The catholicest separate content accelerationing to incite the ominous industrialization of the post-Civil War years was the reproveroad network. 39. The U. S. hanged to model span zones when the ocean reprove lines normal the removal of the continent into indelicate zones so that they could repress schedules and quit wrecks. 40. Agreements among reproveroad strengthenings to allot the matter in a consecrated area and portion-out the income were determined pools. 41. Efforts to regurecent the monopolizing practices of reproveroad strengthenings chief came in the effect of operation by avow legislatures. 42. The chief federal regulatory influence purposed to defend the common portion-out from matter combinations was the Interavow Commerce Commission. 43. One of the most momentous aspects of the Interavow Commerce Act was that it represented the chief catholic-scale Nursing essay by the federal empire to regurecent matter. 44. After the Civil War, the free yield of untarnished work in the U. S. accelerationed to plant the people into an industrial hercules. 45. One of the courses by which post-Civil War matter heads increased their income was elimipeople of as abundantly race as practicable. 46. Carnegie – steel; Rockefeller – oil; Morgan – banking; Duke – tobacco; Vanderbilt – reproveroads. 47.The steel toil tit abundantly to the fruitful gift of Henry Bessemer (the Bessemer Process, which made it practicable to effect a ameliorate degree of steel, at a ameliorate figure. ) 48. J. P. Morgan monitored his race by placing appointmentrs of his bank on the boards of companies that he wanted to curb. This course was disclosed as an interlocking directorate. 49. America’s chief billion-dollar strengthening was United States Steel. 50. The chief ocean result of the oil toil was kerosene. 51. The oil toil became a prodigious matter delay the figment of the interior arson engine. 52. John D. Rockefeller used the aftercited manoeuvre to close luck in the oil toil – extorting rebates from reproveroads, pursing a management of administration or downfall, employing spies, and using high-pressure sales courses. 53. The gospel of plenty, which associated sanctity delay plenty, daunt efforts to acceleration the impecunious. 54. The Fourteenth Amendment was distinctly accelerationful to hercules strengthenings when defending themselves counter principle by avow empires. 55. The Sherman Anti-trust Act was at chief principally used to curb the mightyness of work concords. 56.During the age of industrialization, the South remained overwhelmingly bucolic and unroving. 57. In the recent 19th eldership, tax benefits and inexpensive, nonconcord work attracted textile manufacturing to the “new South. ” 58. The collocation most done by the new industrial age was women. 59. The conception of the “Gibson Girl” represented an rebellious and strong “new mother. ” 60. Generally, the Supreme Court in the recent nineteenth eldership interpreted the Constitution in such a way as to patronage strengthenings. 61. In its efforts on interest of workers, the Common Work Concord won an eight-hour workday for empire workers. 62. The Knights of Work believed that encounter among cardinal and work would decline when work would opescold matter and industries. 63. The most mighty and most perpetual work concord of the post-Civil War continuance was the American Federation of Labor. 64. By 1900, American attitudes inside work began to shift as the common came to identify the fair of workers to business indiscriminately and startle. Nevertheless, the prodigious oceanity of employers continued to encounter organized work. 65. By 1900, organized work in America had begun to lay-open a unequivocal conception delay the common. 66. Historians ticklish of the captains of toil and cardinalism grant that class-based remonstrate has never been a mightynessful vigor in the U. S. besuit America has catholicer political restlessness than Europe has. 67. The aftercited were weighty contents in post-Civil War industrial expansion: a gregarious sphere patronageing matter; a catholic pool of untarnished work; an plenty of cosmical resources; and American imagination and fruitfulness. 68. The chief transcontinental reproveroad was completed by the rendering efforts of the Concord Pacific and the Central Pacific reproveroads.