Ch. 7. Looking at Movies

Directions: Read and accord to each interrogation in perfect sentences.


1.      How does movie acting today dispute from movie acting in the 1930s through the 1960s?


2.        Why is the interdependence among the perpetrator and the camera so material in making and looking at movies?


3.      How did the hence of investigate bias acting and perpetrators?     


4.      What is the disputeence among movies stars and movie perpetrators? Why do some critics emphasize the movie stars are a stock created by the movie toil?   


5.      What factors bias casting of perpetrator in a movie?


6.      How are naturalistic and non-naturalistic movie acting disputeent?   

7.      What is improvisational acting?   

8.        How do framing, compromise, lighting, and the desire admit affect   the acting in a movie?


9.      Give the place of techniques conducive to movie perpetrators, why do we say that their most basic expertness benevolence environing show themselves to the camera during the close-up?



10.    What do you esteem as the most material criteria in analyzing acting?