Centurion Bank of Punjab

The extrinsic of this plan is to consider the CRM of Centurion Bank of Punjab. In the introduce scenario the engrossment of open sector banks is aggravate and the indivisible players are competing hard to constitute a posture in the dispense. In the introduce scenario all the senior Players of International dispense are making their intercourse in India. To spectry a few Barclays, Standard Chartered, ABN AMRO, HSBC. So the deep extrinsic is to consider the CRM skill of Centurion of Punjab which in novel spent as made its intercourse by merging two banks Bank of Punjab and Lord Krishna bank is making a intercourse in the Indian Market.How this bank is competing delay twain the open sectors bank and Indivisible International players and to distinguish the strategies adopted by this developing indivisible bank. The thread methodology allure be exploratory in disposition and allure envelop getting a feel of the standing and legend substance on the thread of ideas and likely insights as per the extrinsic of the theme. http://www. planguru. in TABLE OF CONTENTS Abstract Certificate from Guide Theme Approval Letter Theme Synopsis Acknowledgement Chapter-1: Introduction About HDFC Bank About Centurion Bank of Punjab The Merger Extrinsic of the Consider Thread Methodology Axioms CollectionChapter-2: Literature Review Definition Of CRM Skill Technology Considerations Why CRM The CRM Value Chain CRM Vocation Cycle Changing Similarity of CRM What is the Customer Career Cycle? Finding the Customer Building Value for the Customer E-Loyalty Advantages of CRM Customer Lifecycle Care Building Blocks Endaim Key Metrics for Measuring Success Chapter-3: Secondary Thread Findings Developments in Banking in Net Age Analysis of Uncertain Banks Strategies for Vend Banking Development Vend Banking Through Segmentation http://www. planguru. inSWOT Analysis of Vend Banking Challenges in Banking Sector Chapter-4: Primary Thread Findings Chapter-5: Conclusion References http://www. planguru. in CHAPTER-1 INTRODUCTION ABOUT HDFC BANK Promoted in 1995 by Housing Development Finance Corporation (HDFC), India's regulative housing finance sodality, HDFC Bank is one of India's premier banks providing a spacious concatenate of financial works and labors to its aggravate 11 favorite customers poise aggravate three hundred cities using multiple division channels including a pan-India network of offspringes, ATMs, phone banking, net banking and varipotent banking.Within a rateately soon p of period, the bank has emerged as a regulative player in vend banking, chafferpotent banking, and garner operations, its three prominent vocation segments. The bank's competitive ability palpably lies in the use of technology and the ability to pronounce earth-tabulate labor delay quick rejoinder period. Aggravate the conclusive 13 years, the bank has successfully gained dispense divide in its target customer justs time deeptaining robust gainability and asset tendency.As on December 31, 2007, the Bank had a network of 754 offspringes and 1,906 ATMs in 327 cities. For the mercy ended December 31, 2007, the bank narrationed a net gain of Rs. 4. 3 billion, up 45. 2%, aggravate the similar mercy of former year. Total bonds were Rs. 993. 9 billion, up 48. 9% aggravate the similar mercy of former year. Total poise subterfuge capaciousness too grew by 46. 7% to Rs. 1,314. 4 billion. http://www. planguru. in ABOUT CENTURION BANK OF PUNJAB Centurion Bank of Punjab is one of the regulative new supply indivisible sector banks in India.The bank serves indivisible consumers, slender and moderation vocationes and capacious corporations delay a unmeasured concatenate of financial works and labors for investing, lending and education on financial planning. The bank offers its customers an dress of influence skill works such as interchangepotent funds, career and open security and has methodic a commencement 'position'. The bank is as-courteous a impetuous player in extraneous modify labors, separate advances, hypothecations and unwandering advances. Additionally the bank offers a unmeasured cortege of NRI banking works to aggravateseas Indians. On August 29, 2007, Lord Krishna Bank (LKB) merged delay Centurion Bank of Punjab, post obtaining all defective statutory and regulatory approvals. This merger has excite abilityened the geographical penetrate of the Bank in senior towns and cities poise the state, chiefly in the State of Kerala, in adduction to its bulky lordship in the northern disunite of the state. Centurion Bank of Punjab now operates on a impetuous nationspacious just of 394 offspringes and 452 ATMs in 180 locations poise the state, protected by employee mean of aggravate 7,500 employees.In adduction to entity listed on the senior Indian supply modifys, the Bank’s divides are as-courteous listed on the Luxembourg Supply Exchange. THE MERGER The musterively existence bear a nationspacious network of 1,148 offspringes (the capaciousst amongst indivisible sector Banks) a impetuous bond mean of about Rs. 1,200 billion and net advances of about Rs. 850 billion. The poise subterfuge capaciousness of the musterively existence is aggravate Rs. 1,500 billion. HDFC Bank was looking for an alienate merger occasion that would add layer, geography and accustomed staff to its just.This occasion arose and they meditation it is an enticing course to appendix HDFC Bank’s constitutional development. They honor that Centurion Bank of Punjab would be the just fit in conditions of amelioration, strategic fixed and similarity to vocation. These are shareing periods for the http://www. planguru. in Indian banking diligence. The merger has postureed the musterively existence to significantly achievement opportunities in a dispense globally customary as one of the fastest growing. Aggravate the conclusive few years, Centurion Bank of Punjab has set benchmarks for development.The bank today has a capacious nationspacious network, an very-much precious just, 7,500 efficacious employees, and impetuous commencement postures in the dispense attribute. The merger delay HDFC Bank allure generate a earth tabulate bank in tendency and layer and allure set the limit to emulate delay banks twain discreetly as courteous on a global plane. Fitch expects HBL to deeptain its post-merger financials and competitiveness amongst the best banks in India. The merger benefits HBL through the adduction of CBP's offspring network, which would add momentum to its increasing dispense divide (currently seventhlargest bank in India in conditions of possessions). While CBP's possessions are about a fifth that of HBL's, the merger would acception the latter's offspring network by 50%. The merger is theme to divideholder and regulatory approvals. CBL's ratings are expected to be upgraded to that of HBL and then delaydrawn as disunite of the amalgamation. CBP's gainability is weaker than that of HBL and would subordinately enervate the merged existence's figures. HBL should eventually be potent to spiritual leverage on the acceptiond offspring network delay its higher just and impetuouser work pronouncey capabilities to amend its bulky jurisdiction outoutline and vocation volumes of CBP and thereby its gainability.Similarly, HBL should as-courteous be potent to assume CBP's unendowed NPLs (INR2. 5bn, equipollent to 17% of HBL's annualised net allowance in 9MFY08). Post-merger, HBL would eventually hold to bear a rateately higher rate of unsecured consumer advances, time its two wheeler advance portfolio would subordinately acception. The asset tendency in these segments came beneath some influence for the banking scheme in 2007 when increasing share rates beneathmined the borrower's repayment compressiveness. HBL's induce skill has so far enabled it to deeptain trustworthiness losses in outoutline delay expectations at the aim of course.HBL is the second-largest indivisible bank in India delay a nationspacious intercourse. Impetuous operations in twain vend and oppidan banking vocationes concomitantly delay multiple pronouncey channels poise India bear protected HBL's advance development and its higher http://www. planguru. in rights outline. The outrageous NPL aspect has remained rectify than that of most Indian banks and reflects the bank's impetuous induce skill scheme. Regular equity infusions bear helped deeptain the Tier 1 aspect over 8% (end-December 2007: 10. 5%) through periods of quick development.CBP incorporates three indivisible banks that merged in 2006 and 2007 - the ersttime Centurion Bank which rancid about forthcoming the musterion of new divideholders and skill in 2003, the ersttime Bank of Punjab that external a impetuous vend jurisdiction just in Punjab and the ersttime Lord Krishna Bank that helped add the offspring network in Kerala. CBP's advance portfolio consists deeply of two-wheeler, retail vehicles, residential hypothecation, unsecured separate and SME advances. Among Centurion Bank of Punjab's principal abilitys is the certainty that it is a professionally managed bank delay a globally accustomed and cappotent skill team.OBJECTIVE OF THE STUDY To demonstrate the Customer Relationship Skill (CRM) of Centurion Bank of Punjab To consider the advantages of Customer Relationship Skill in Banking Services RESEARCH METHODOLOGY The plan entity beneathtaken was exploratory thread. Where in all these similarityes of exploratory threades were used to muster the advice on CRM at Centurion Bank of Punjab. http://www. planguru. in DATA COLLECTION: The mean on which a consider rests is the advice that is embedded in it. The axioms for this consider was obtained as a unite of twain Secondary and Primary sources.Secondary Axioms Already published axioms formed the starting aim for the consider. This included:Website of uncertain CRM Solution Providers India Official Reports on Centurion Bank of Punjab Books on CRM and kindred topics. Primary Axioms Grounds was mustered specifically for the thread needs at operative. The sources included: ? Interviews of Officials of Centurion Bank of Punjab at New Delhi: ? Questionnaires: A structured questionnaire was prepared. This was than introduceed and got populated from the restless mob at Centurion Bank of Punjab. The advice gathered has been tabulated and introduceed in the latest narration. http://www. rojectguru. in