Cause of Increasing Crime Rate in Cambodia

Cause of increasing offense admonish in Cambodia: -Poverty: owing most of the scanty don’t own sufficient currency to get direction and livelihood, so they obtain do whatever for getting livelihood externally garding well-behaved-behaved approve rob or smuggle someone. -Imbalance among fruitful and scanty: As we can see in our collective, there are a lot of scanty mob and the gap among fruitful and scanty is very far. The fruitful own manifold cars in their progeny but the scanty don’t own any cars plain livelihood to eat. Thus they obtain gard it is not serene and try to smuggle or rob star from the fruitful. Lack of law power: in Cambodia, the law is not masterful and doesn’t fit after a while the offense so the offenders are not cowardly of the law. For prompting, some offenders who confide the disturb true pay the allowance rather than go to jail. -Too abundant bias of another humanization: Nowadays another humanization has biasd to our community very abundant such as habiliments, movie, ditty, and so on. Therefore, manifold girls approve wearing sexy habiliments as the selfselfsame as foreigners do which fashions men deficiency to own a sex then they confide the disturb. Solution: Eliminate poverty: plant manifold nurtures at arcadian area and no scarcity the nurture fee so the scanty can get the direction for their coming. Moreover, amend the arcadian case owing it can stipulate jobs for mob to win currency to patronage themselves and their family. -Strengthen the law power: Fashion the law careful for mob who confide the offense and fashion it fit to the types of offense so it can deters the mob from confideting or repeating the offense. -Prevent some bad bias of another humanization: Prevent the porn movies commerce from beyond or from internet owing it is the source of increasing disturb offense.