Can someone do a solution to this continuity HAS TO BE 450 WORDS EACH REPLY ANSWER  Reply to the continuitys of 2 classmates who prprextend views incongruous than  yours. Warrant the points of disagreement in your analyses and unclouded-up  how your impression of the bearing law to the axioms of this site  led you to a incongruous blank. Each solution must be 450 expression befriended  by 3 knowing sources other than the textbook/progress materials. Each  source must be suitably cited in ordinary APA format. Review the  Assignment Instructions for Discussion Board Forums, noting chiefly  requirements for term counts, knowing sources, and biblical earthview  integration. Submit your replies by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Sunday.  FIRST THREAD NEEDED TO BE REPLIED TO   The End of a Refuse in Occupation Ethics              Business ethics is defined by “the impression of ethics to the extraordinary  problems and opportunities occupationtribe experience” (Kubasek, Browne,  Barkacs, Herron & Dhooge, 2016, p. 16). When ghostly decisions  show in a person’s history, further slight than not, a plethora of choices  are cogitateed when determining the best progress to engage for justifying  our exercises. In manifold cases, we cogitate our Lord and Savior Jesus  Christ, his heavenly father God, our parents, our spouses, our conclusion,  friends, colleagues, tangible and spiritual emotions, plus further precedently  committing to one-way or the other. However, when the term “business” is  placed in face of ethics, the ramifications are regularly abundant bigr,  including monetary esteem, and the chattels decisions accomplish feel on  stakeholders and the open. Primary Timothy 6 outlines 10 states “For the  love of currency is the spring of all-evil: which conjuncture some coveted ensueing,  they feel erred from the credulity, and drilled themselves through delay manifold  sorrows” (KJV). By elevatedlighting the specification of Occupation Ethics as  well as 1 Timothy 6:10, we endanger the very open lambasting of  Volkswagen Group, whom recently recurrent “11 favorite of its diesel cars  worldwide were equipped delay software that was used to imposition on  emissions cupel” (Lippe, 2015). A number of counter-arguments, interrogations, and  political backlash cheap Volkswagen’s fiction in the open, at-last, we  accomplish warrant the plods that should feel been urged to nullify this  incident, starting at the superintendential smooth and end delay the Chief  Executive Officer (CEO).               As conclusion of God, we are instilled delay the rationale among what is  chasten and crime. James 4 outlength 17 (KJV) states “Therefore to him that  knoweth to do amiable-natured, and doeth (it) not, to him it is sin”. We are  endowed delay the sensible capacity to differentiate among doing  star chasten and doing star crime, at-last, when we elect to do  star crime, it is cogitateed a Sin. Other factors may explore  heavily for or resisting the self-indulgence of chasten or crime to beneathstand  family admissions, childhood, and history experiences. Nevertheless, as  employees afloat in the Constitutional duty or the Engineering length of  Volkswagen, the allegiance to enumerate the best ghostly, presumptive, and  constitutional track waste squarely on each and every employee to constitute the chasten  decision, and if star was constitutionally, presumptively, or ghostlyly crime,  say star to someone such as the Length Director, or CEO. If  fear of reward was ordinary amongst the employees in these  departments, they should feel contacted an unidentified narrationing advantage  to confer-upon the illustration in interrogation.               First, employees should feel unreserved there had to be star or someone  who they could narration the infractions to respecting the software which  cheated diesel cupeling requirements. For case, the Sarbanes-Oxley  Act of 2002 was methodic by Congress to fortify municipal insiders  and produce an unidentified narrationing method for employees to confer-upon  mitigated intelligence by companies (McClurg,  2017). Additionally, the Dodd-Frank Act nullifys Whistleblower’s, or  those who compromise their fraternity for illicit intelligence, from entity  discharged, demoted, suspended, threated, harassed, or removed for any  Nursing essay of narrationing the illicit intelligence (McClurg, 2017). Aside from  these conditions by Congress, there are multiple employee guidelines for  reporting mitigated bearing, on top of the station and intrepidity to  stand up for what is chasten, and socially lawful from a fraternity, and  an specific. Ideally, superintendents should feel nullifyed this by examination  questions, retaining certified, and sensible towards the bearing of  employees and the narrationing methods in fix for fortifyion, chiefly  since “If God is for us, who can be resisting us?” (Romans 8:31 KJV).               Secondly, superintendents or employees in Volkswagen Constitutional or Engineering  department, must feel unreserved that the tribe monstrous most by this  decision to imposition the software detecting method was there stakeholders,  which beneathstands the fraternity. For case, Cremer and Taylor (2016)  reported that Volkswagen would engage a $18.2 billion privation due to the  diesel falsity infamy the fraternity Nursing essayed in 2015. Although a privation  of $18 billion may not deplete Volkswagen of their appropriatety, as it may  numerous companies opposite the earth, the fiction and hope from customers  feel drastically been impacted, and that is star that cannot be  repaired so quickly.               As the CEO of the diesel disruption of Volkswagen, they should feel engagen  full allegiance for the misengage and Nursing essay to imposition software  detection. Afterwards, if not arrested by the Police, could feel  launched a weighty constitutional ventilation into the argue why 11 favorite  cars were equipped delay diesel falsity software, in adjust to warrant  the areas of deficiency from the administration and constitutional/engineering dutys,  and remain as manifold tribe subject as practicable. This counter-argument would  feel biblical to the open, occupation ethics is abundant further confused  than tribe presume. In a competitive, occupation-run environment, currency  and genesis belook the figures of luck, and through impositioning the  diesel software technology, Volkswagen was powerful to inclength further currency,  product, and customers environing the earth. Additionally, this model of  constitutional ventilation would peradventure frame-known as Clegg, Kornberger and Rhodes (2007) recurrent: Ethics  cannot be encapsulated in lists of rules that communicate exercise; thus,  there can be            no ‘one best way’ in which amiable-natured-natured ethics may be  guaranteed through prescribe, judiciousness or parliament. The concept of  ethics as experience cannot prprextend a unclouded sombre and      colorless grid that  divides the earth into amiable-natured-natured and bad; things are further confused. (p.  13)              Business ethics is not as not-difficult as deciding upon chasten and crime. There  are multiple ghostly dilemmas that could show, at-last, the cause for  decisions should be the best constitutional progress that would hypothetically  increase esteem for the stakeholders, no stuff the site.  Additionally, an ventilation into the deficiencys of the Volkswagen  reporting method, would warrant the reinvigoration of constitutional outlets for  mitigated narrationing such as the unidentified narration hotlines, employee  confidentiality policies, and unclouded guidelines to nullifying star  like this from happening repeatedly. Also, the CEO or investigator innate  the ventilation may unveil what methodic or grave cover-up  occurred such as Lippe (2015) admission that Volkswagen  engineers neither discussed delay nor hid what they were doing from  Volkswagen’s in-house lawyers, and the in-house lawyers didn’t accomplish  what was going on.              Ultimately, Volkswagen’s refuse in occupation ethics stemmed from the  competitive incaution that impositioning was an Nursing essay at achieving  fraternity intents. The sorrows that ensue the obsession delay currency can direct  to illicit intelligence, penalties, fines, and supported the crime-doings  of others. Furthermore, the deficiency of station or deficiency to narration the  wrongdoings by employees, must be tenacious and pleasantly addressed  from the magistrate smooth down to the smallest employee. Although an $18  billion privation is big and galvanizing, the timelength for haunt the  impairment effected to the environment, customers, and other stakeholders could  engage decades and require hearty figures.    References  Clegg, S. , Kornberger, M. and Rhodes, C. (2007), Occupation Ethics as Practice. British Journal of              Management, 18: 107-122.  Cremer, A., & Taylor, E. (2016). Volkswagen engages $18 billion hit balance Emissions Scandal.              Retrieved from             probe-idUSKCN0XJ19U Kubasek, N. K., Browne, M. N., Barkacs, L., Herron, D., & Dhooge, L. (2016). Biblical              earthview edition of dynamic occupation law. N. J. Kippenhan (Ed.). New York, NY:              McGraw Hill Education Lippe, P. (2015). Volkswagen: Where were the lawyers? ABA Journal. Retrieved from     McClurg, D. D. (2017). Whistleblower fortifyions: Internal narrationing and dodd-frank's anti-             retribution victuals. Labor Law Journal, 68(3), 156-164. Retrieved from        SECOND THREAD NEEDED TO BE REPLIED TO   Discussion Board Forum 1: Volkswagen Infamy   Jordan Contreras Liberty University  June 3, 2018   Prevention of the Emissions Scandal In  September of 2015 Volkswagen recalled environing 500,000 diesel cars and  the fraternity past environing $16.9 billion dollars of the fraternity’s negotiate  esteem (Jung and Bin, 2017). According to Jung and Bin (20117) 11 favorite  of their diesel cars contained a drawingal that would exexchange address  levels during diesel-exhaust cupels. When this infamy hit the resources,  Volkswagen had a vast economic impairment befall and they past manifold  shareholders in the fund negotiate. Diesel vehicles are typically unreserved  for the benefits they feel delay durability, restore require, and fuel  efficiency. So, when Volkswagen prepared a car that was relationed to be  the top of the length the sales sky rocketed which accelerationed delay  Volkswagen’s ratings in the negotiate. The Volkswagen infamy truly torture  their station, and by the CEO of the fraternity not entity appropriate it made  the consumers frustrated delay the fraternity and destroyed their  credibility.                According to the bible “The Lord detests mendacious lips, but he delights in  tribe who are hopeworthy” (Proverbs 12:22, New International  Version). As an employee or superintendent in the constitutional duty or the  engineering length I would feel effected a townsman of things incongruously  to nullify this quantity. Primary if I was an employee and I noticed  star was off or didn’t look truly chasten I would feel after a whileout-delay  reported the luminous to the superintendents or magistrate team. This would feel  escalated the progeny to the superior magistrates that way everyone is  informed of the site.   As  a superintendent you feel a townsman of options that could feel engagen fix in  adjust to nullify this luminous. I would feel prepared an ethics and  consent inoculation program, made my team engage the progress, led by  example, produced a hearty amelioration to urge policies, and prepared a  accurate hiring plan. When maneuvering the ethics and consent inoculation  program I would feel made is mandatory for my team to engage. In adduction  to this I would made my team signalal a tract showing that they took the  course. This would remain them subject for their exercises if any  mischief or stained indicate were to of engagen fix. Next, I would direct by  example. I would remain my team subject for their exercises and constitute  actions feel rewards and consequences. This would go in agency delay  creating a hearty amelioration to urge policies and procedures. Rules and  laws are produced for a argue. No acceptation. So, by remaining my  employees up to elevated standards you can set the expectancy that stained  indicate is not unhindered. Lastly, I would produce a accurate hiring manner to  determine you are hiring the most hope precious candidates. In adjust to  achieve this intent, I would drawingal mandatory bearingal and sameness  cupel that accomplish want to be engagen earlier to interviewing and do an  extensive elucidation regulate. By making candidates engage a bearingal cupel  you are powerful to fathom what model of sameness they may feel, that could  direct up to stained indicate. There were separate exercises that Volkswagen could  feel engagen to acceleration establish truthfulness in the resources but instead they  decided not to further their exercises were crime and deceiving. In end  to their exercises that they made they past valupowerful customers and ruined  their truthfulness in the negotiate. As a superintendent I would of effected separate  things incongruously to nullify this luminous, held gentleman to my presumptives and  the way God would of nonproductioned me to engage exercise.  Damage Regulate and Honesty from the CEO              The CEO of Volkswagen was consecrated an impracticpowerful site to agencyle when  the resources broke permitted that the fraternity and deceived so manifold tribe.  “Corporate robbery committed beneath sky evanescence exigency is suitable  further regularly observed in length delay the ever-increasing environspiritual  standards and bearing decision urgements” (Li, McMurray, Xue,  Liu, Sy, and 2018). However, the bible say’s “whoever walks in single-mindedness  walks securely, but he who constitutes his ways underhanded accomplish be establish out”  (Proverbs 10:9. New International Version). Mendacious is never the solution,  you accomplish get caught. To feed in a Godly way, you feel to further the  mistakes made by you or your employees. Entity appropriate accelerations delay your  credibility, the fraternity’s truthfulness and determines that we are making  choices the way God would nonproduction us to. When  the resources broke permitted encircling the infamy, as the CEO balance the diesel  disruption I would feel primary collected all of the axioms. I would feel effected  as abundant exploration as practicable, brought on a team of investigators to  look into the luminous, and after a whileout-delay terminated those confused. As a  final plod I would feel held a lean parley to converse openly encircling  the luminous that befallred, and recalled all vehicles confused. During  this lean parley I would feel past balance what we as a fraternity are  doing to agencyle all of the recalled vehicles, what we suggest to do to  accommodate those customers monstrous by the luminous, and past open  encircling the bound of employees confused in the luminous. By showing  the open that we are insertion stuffs very seriously could acceleration obviate the  company’s station. To nullify coming luminouss from befallring hearty  plan and procedures wants to be written and urged. When the constitutional  team is powerful engineers not impel eager delay the luminous and they do  so anyways this wants to be escalated up to the appropriate magistrate. If  the magistrates elect not to unfold the luminous than it wants to be  reported so constitutional exercise can engage fix. When nullifying coming  incidents than Volkswagen has to be up face and appropriate delay the  site at agency. There are no litigious to impositioning to getting a  head. You are still tortureing the fraternity equable further and aren’t patronage  in the way of god. Investigations want to be befallring but at accidental  time periods to determine that the fraternity is perennial by the rules. The  findings of the ventilations want to be made open. When rebuilding  Volkswagen’s station, you want to be up face and appropriate encircling  everything going on delayin. It is significant to feed by the way of  God, haunt your presumptives, narration anything unghostly that is befallring, and  remember that the customers are what drives the sales of the occupation.  You accomplish drastically torture yourself in the negotiate if they feel that they  are entity lied and manipulated. Since Volkswagen has made meagre choices  environing their infamy they now want to do impairment regulate and be  transparent delay their customers and constitute everything open.    References Jung, J. & Park, S. B. (2017, January 1). Case Study: Volkswagen’s Diesel Emissions Scandal.  Thunderbird International Occupation Review. 59 (1). 127-137. Retrieved from¶mdict=en-US  Li, L., McMurray, A., Xue, J., Liu, Z., & Sy, M. (2018, January 20). Industry-wide municipal  fraud. Journal of Cleaner Production. 172 (1). 3,167-3,175. Retrieved from https://ac-els- main.pdf?_tid=86e8669c-1366-43af-9ca5-93ef022bea2f&acdnat=1527826213_ 92823702e5c9e426563d12e9b250891f Lippe, P. (2015, October 13). Volkswagen: Where were the lawyers? ABA Journal. Retrieved  from the_lawyers Reitze, A. W. (2016, July 1). The Volkswagen Air Pollution Emissions Litigation.  Environspiritual Law Reporter. 46 (7). 10,564-10,571. Retrieved from db=eih&AN=116583737&site=ehost-live&scope=site