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Empire State Building Essay

Empire State Building Essay

The Empire State building is one of the landmarks of New York. The overall design is very sleek and simple yet it managed to stand out from the other skyscrapers in the city. Its “low key Art deco style” combined with the “steel frame and steel claddings” have distinctly set it apart from the various urban elements of the city (Matthews). The Palace of Versailles in France is a clear example of Baroque architecture.

Its opulent interior and grandiose design epitomized the essence of Baroque which is highly ornate and complicated.

From the landscape to the huge massive structures, Versailles has exquisitely exuded splendor and luxury (Walton 161-173). The Petronas Towers in Malaysia is considered as one of the tallest buildings in the world. The design of the buildings was intended to showcase the cultural influences of the Malaysians.

It used “Islamic arabesques and repetitive geometries characteristic” which reflected Islam architecture which is the dominant religion in the country (Skyscraper. org).

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