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Service Delivery Essay

Service Delivery Essay

The goals of this paper are to research; diagram service delivery processes, and then describe how the process would be effective in the given situation. A research and define service delivery processes in different disciplines or areas to capture the best processes. A service culture will be defined and a description will be given as to why it is important. A description will also be given as to why service employees are critical to the success of delivery in any service organization.

Using the writer on personal examples, the writer will discuss the general importance of customers in the successful creation and delivery of service experiences. Last, an internet search will be done to locate three services that the writer is interesting in exploring. The service will be described and outline the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing these services via e-commerce as opposed to the traditional market. The implications that purchasing online has for the service culture and customer experience will be given.

Service Culture Organizations have different culture and service culture is one thing that has a major impact on customers and their decision. Service culture consists of many components with each impacting customers and helping to establish the success or failure of customer service proposals (Lucas, 2008). Organizations sometimes over-promise and under-deliver due to their cultural and internal systems and do not have the ability to support customer service proposals (Lucas, 2008).

For example, assume that the management of an organization has their marketing department develop a slick piece of literature describing all the benefits of a new product or service provided by a new corporate partner organization” (Lucas, 2008, p. 1). A special 800 number is then launched for responses but the company is unsuccessful when it comes to hiring extra staff or sufficiently trained current employees to handle the customer calls. The venture is prone to be unsuccessful. A service culture allows the business to accomplish key business goals, solve vital problems and increase capabilities to aim at future prospects.

Customers also have an important role in the success of a business. A business cannot be successful unless there are customers. Several work fields requires customer input for service creation such as or haircuts, annual exam, and full service restaurant. The clients input customize a standard service. The provision of the service requires the customer purchase. Customer input (information material) is necessary for an adequate outcome, but the service firm provides the service. Jobs where customer presence is required during service delivery are airline travel, motel stay, and fast-food restaurant.

Customers play a variety of roles in the service experience. Some of those roles are productive resource, contributor to quality, satisfaction and value; and as competitor to the service organization. Customer as a productive resource for example, in contributing information and effort in the diagnoses of their ailments, patients of a healthcare organization are part of the service production process. If they provide accurate information in a timely fashion, physicians will be more efficient and accurate in their diagnoses.

Thus, the quality of the information patients provide can ultimately affect the quality of the outcome. Furthermore, in most cases, if patients follow their physician’s advice, they will be less likely to return for follow-up treatment, further increasing the healthcare organization’s productivity. (Bitner, Faranda, Hubbert, & Zeithaml, 1997, p. 3) E-Business In today’s economic marketplace, E-business has transformed the way that businesses functions. Businesses have the ability to grow and expand beyond their local market because of the technological advances of the past few decades.

So that small businesses can increase their sales and profits, the Internet now allows small businesses to reach national or global consumers with their products and services. However, some disadvantages come along with these advantages such as creating higher levels of economic challenges not formerly seen. (Vitez, 2013) E-business has one big advantage, which is the low startup costs needed to begin business operations. Once small companies have increased their working capital after starting their company via the Internet they expand into traditional brick and mortar stores.

Companies may choose to simply expand their Internet footprint rather than creating a physical storefront, depending on their business success. Businesses need a computer, website hosting service, and Internet connection as the main operating equipment, which makes internet storefront relatively cheap. (Vitez, 2013) E-business has two major disadvantages and they are the increased levels of competition and the difficulty of creating positive goodwill through a website and computer.

Sellers must find a competitive advantage over more competitors than usual, because individuals and traditional businesses may enter the e-business marketplace. Customers generally place high value on customer service in the brick and mortar business environment. E-businesses generally have a hard time trying to creating the same type of positive customer service, bear in mind that their customers may be miles away from the e-business’s operations. Since impersonal email is a common form of communication in e-business customers may have a problem understanding mistakes or errors. (Vitez, 2013)

Car insurance has begun mandatory in today society and getting the best price is necessary. There is something missing even though anyone can find and obtain car insurance quotes online or even find a life quote. When doing the quote online the person will be missing the personal and professional experience of someone behind the desk that is hope to be acting in his or her best interest. To completely remove the critical thinking part of it rather than relying on a possible expert in the field (if not an expert someone that does it daily) they depend on a website to ask certain questions.

More coverage for less money maybe there are riders or slight tweaks on the policy that may be provided. Legal Service Legal service is needed in any businesses. Legal services can be obtain either online or the traditional method. There are pros and cons to online services as well as the traditional method. There are as follows:

* No driving. Simply jump online and you are there * No waiting. Your services are all available for you once you register. Just find and click. * Licensed Attorney provided legal advice. You don’t just purchase the legal product, you get the service to go with it. Superior service. Maybe you do have to get your own coffee, but you have the option of getting it whenever and wherever you want * Save money. Less overhead, and more focused legal services means you save money over a traditional law firm. * Your data and information are protected by bank grade encryption when you enter the protected and secure area. * Secure and private communications. Not even the secretary has any idea why you need the services. (Inlawcenter, 2013, p. 1) Conclusion A business involves many different things in order to make it successful.

The service delivery process is different in every company but necessary for a company progress. This paper has defined service culture and described why it is important. A description of why service employees are critical to the success of delivery in any service organization was given. Examples of how customers play a role in the successful creation and delivery of service experiences. Final a search was done and three services where describe and the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing them online versus traditional was given.

Kpis to Measure Sales Force Essay

Kpis to Measure Sales Force Essay

Sales Force of a company is often called the ‘face of the company’ because they are the ones who actually face customers on the behalf of their business. And in terms of an insurance company, the sales force would be considered an important aspect of the business. Therefore, the need of effectively managing the insurance sales force also rises in importance. Effectively evaluating the performance of the sales force is necessary to figure out the loopholes in the performance and to devise ways to improve their efficiency.

The nature of business is what makes an insurance company differ from other businesses around. Specially trained and motivated sales force is what required is in this form of business scenario where the customers are smart enough to bargain terms and where the competition in the insurance industry is immense. KPIs can be used to provide a holistic view of the business and with regard to Insurance Sales force Management. These can be categorised in four perspectives- financial perspective, operational perspective, customer service perspective and education and training perspective.

Financial perspective comprises of KPIs like annual salary, incentive as percentage of salary, etc. This is to take care of the financial standing of the organization. Operational perspective represents KPIs such as percentage of renewed policies to the number of policies sold, percentage of policy lapses or missed payments, etc. This helps in conducting operations in a streamlined manner. Customer service perspective includes KPIs like number of referrals generated from customers, number of customer focused products developed, percentage decrease in customer complaints, etc.

This angle works in making the organization build reputation and minimize losing customer base. The last perspective, Education and Training perspective talks ab out KPIs number of training sessions, number of motivational sessions, etc to ensure that the sales force is not leaving any stone unturned in achieving the targets. One of the most prominent challenges this industry has to encounter is the high attrition rate hinting at the very high professional pressure one has to go through.

This in turn calls for implementation of as effective performance management system as possible. Balanced Scorecard is the measure that is dependable enough to combat such situations. This helps in creating a win-win scenario. The next hurdle to be faced is the concept of the task itself. There are a whole lot of verifications to be done before any funds are released when any claim is made. This requires clear strategy formulation from the organizational point of view. This is to further assist in laying down the goals, measurements and targets.

Aviva life insurance Essay

Aviva life insurance Essay

AVIVA life insurance entered in 2002 and deployed Talisma e-CRM suite. AVIVA got the success by recognizing the potential customers and bringing out products and services tailored to the customer requirements. Also e-CRM developed multistep marketing campaign and superior services across multiple channels. With this CRM project the company aims to achieve the organized data base system, superior service standards, quick access to customers, upgrading offers to customers, integrating the efforts of insurance agents and officials and ultimately to obtain customer satisfaction.

The implementation of Talisma e-CRM has helped them to share real-time customer information across different customer-facing departments across locations. This has helped departments track customer details and respond to queries at short notice. Aviva has made its mark in the Indian insurance industry in just two years. It has no doubt been aided in this by the deployment of Talisma’s e-CRM suite that has helped it launch new products and services to differentiate itself from competitors. eCRM practice in GP to provide Customer service: Grameenphone leads the market with nearly 20 million subscribers.

Mobile phone services are an important contributor to the cash-strapped nation’s economy. This company is trying to provide the quality customer service to its customers . GrameenPhone try to give the best customer services to retain the present customer and attract the potential customer To give the service as fast as possible eCRM is designed such a way that customer manager can provide the service in a fastest way. They use ORACLE Siebel customer relationship management. Each and every customer has their unique ID and password to logging in the software.

Here they give a clear idea of how customers get service and how their problem is solved by using eCRM tools. After logging to the software the customer manager need to put the customer number and then he has to click on GO button than he can see all the basic information of the customer. Here name, address, connection name, whether this customer is prepaid or post paid everything will be present there. ECRM is the software which helps to keep all data of the customers. It is not record the customer data it helps to give the service appropriately. Ithelped GrameenPhone to give higher level of satisfaction in much way such as: It helps to retain customer by giving satisfactory service It also increase the customer loyalty cause customer are satisfied with the service Evaluation of Customer profitability by reducing the cost of the service. It also reduced cost It helps to acquire new customers It helps to grow profitable customer relationships It help to retain profitable customers It reduces customers’ call handling time GP can keep appropriate record of every call It also help to Grameen Phone to reduce customer dissatisfaction