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Petrucio commands Essay

Petrucio commands Essay

Bianca’s suitors and the general people who lived in Padua spoke of her badly because of what they had heard and did not know the real person. Because of the lack of relationship with Kate that they had they would have not been able to do anything. The difference is family and friends wanted her to stop being so horrid and fiendish but hey didn’t actually do anything about it. Petrucio on the other hand had tactics and wanted to tae Kate because he liked her, and they were married.

The fact that someone for once was taking interest in Kate and not Bianca made Kate feel special and as if she had something or someone to change for. The fact that Kate knew someone cared started to change her thinking. Kate’s character is one that would play along with a game, which was trying to trick her but be able to make him think that she was being real.

However by the end Kate realises she likes Petrucio and wants to be a proper wife to him, because he’s the first person to have actually cared about her.

She has not just given up but she has actually found someone who cares for her that she actually likes. Some would say that this theory is not true because of her behaviour toward him on their first meeting but she behaved in the same manor she does to everyone as a result of the expectations upon her.. Petrucio however responds in a way that would only cause Kate more annoyance. Petrucio does not run off and cast Kate off as a helpless cause he notices something special about her.

Petrucio forces Kate to marry him but in all truthfulness Kate need not of married him as she could have just ran off, but instead it seems part of Kate wanted to marry Petrucio. Even when they are married Kate begins to listen to Petrucio more than she had done anyone else. She still argues but not in the same way. She doesn’t hold up as much of a fight against Petrucio she never does even when he says they are to be married. At their own wedding reception she eventually gives in to him demanding they take their leave with minimal arguments. Even though her sister is left to show off in Kate’s embarrassment.

Kate is treated badly on the journey, even denied food and rest but because Petrucio reckons nothing to be good enough for Kate. Again this is Petrucio showing his caring attitude. Kate argues civilly as Petrucio throws her food on the floor. Although Kate is hungry she doesn’t want to show it to Petrucio. A true showing of her untouched spirit, as she begs Grumio for food, not wanting to appear weakened by the way he ahs treated her. A battle is taking place in Kate’s mind since they met, Kate likes Petrucio but doesn’t want to give in to him. She wants to be civil and live a happy normal life but wants to do it in a way, which she still has, her pride. It is as Petrucio says to Kate’s family when he is forcing her into marriage,

“‘Tis bargain’d ‘twixt us twain, being alone, that she shall still be curst in company.” Although at the time they had not agreed it this is secretly what Kate wants. She has to find away that she will still appear strong to her family whilst at the same time she wants to show off to them. She’s a married woman and is expected to be dignified, but then it will just appear that Petrucio was right and that he can tame anything and that he has had his way with her.

Kate realises that to be happy she ahs to find a good balance between the two. She cant completely disregard the person that she is but she cant carry on the ways he is she needs to find a compromise. The first time we see her psychological game plan come into action is on the road to Padua to visit her family. Petrucio starts to speak about the sun and the moon. Instead of arguing Kate does the complete opposite of what is expected, instead of gradually changing which would indeed make her look weak she jumps from one extreme to the other and agrees with whatever Petrucio thinks. However her manor is cleverly sarcastic, Petrucio cant believe it and tests Kate once more when Vincentio appears, asking her to say hello to the lady. Kate takes part in his game and Petrucio feels confident that his tactics are working whilst Kate slowly thinks my games working.

They are both playing each other at the same game. Kate eventually instead of becoming normal from being horrible goes form really nice to normal. She simply wants to show off to her parents and be happy with her marriage. Kate has to let Petrucio know now that she can be nice and will be but he has to give a little back. Whilst Petrucio think she’s tamed she’s not she has just learnt to find a compromise after all its what she actually wants. Kate has been badly behaved and angry simply because no one cared enough for her.

Kate shows Petrucio in her speech and all her family just ho he is. People who have written it off as a piece of dramatic irony or her giving up were simply wrong and underestimating Kate’s intelligence and character. Her speech was to show to Petrucio that’s eh will find a compromise with him and that they will be all right. When Petrucio commands Kate to come, normally Kate would have flown in up in arms shouting and creaming but instead she came because that’s what no one expected she was proving them all wrong and putting them all to shame. She had the chance to show up her sister and to look better than her.