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Why the Electoral College Is Good Essay

Why the Electoral College Is Good Essay

“The ignorance of one voter in a democracy impairs the security of all.” John F. Kennedy. Former President Kennedy expresses how imperative it is that every person has a say in the government. Contention 1: Proper representation is lost.

When there is an election, the Electoral College does not give an accurate representation of the people because they vote for representatives, who in reality cast their votes. Not only that, but a candidate can win an election with just 270 electoral votes. South Sea Republic Organization in 2008 explains:

“The Electoral College is an indirect voting mechanism.


US citizens vote for representatives who then cast ballots for the US President. The electors do not have to cast their ballots as per the popular will in that state; they can defy the voters if necessary. This was done to protect against tyranny or a noble trying to usurp the democratic system. The convention however is that the electors vote in a block as per the citizen voters’ wishes.


” CNN explains:

In our current system, the president is elected by the Electoral College and not directly by the people. The number of electoral votes each state receives depends on its population and representatives are chosen to vote on behalf of the people in the state. To win, a candidate has to win 270 electoral votes, which is a majority. If neither candidate gets that, Congress determines who wins. A few times, the American people’s choice for president hasn’t actually been elected or represented. The new system would also nationalize the presidential campaign. Contention 2: States are being excluded.

Right now, candidates spend most of their time campaigning in battleground states. They do not try to win over voters in small states, such as Ohio and New Hampshire. Oxford University in October of 2011 furthers:

By itself, California now has fifty-four electoral votes, making it more valuable to a candidate than sixteen smaller states with three votes each. … Campaigns should allocate a disproportionate amount of their resources to large states because the pivotal voter in a large state has more power to swing the campaign than a similar voter in a small state. According to Northeastern Political Science Association in 2002: “In terms of state advantages and disadvantages under the contemporary electoral college, it was found that the electoral college in the 1990s contains partially countervailing biases which result in a net advantage to large states as much as 2.663 to one, and a net disadvantage to states with from 3 to 21 electoral votes.”

This evidence shows the public that when one person lives in a more populated state, their vote counts more than 2.5 times more than one in a less populated one. This is not fair for the people in the smaller state because they still have as much equal rights than the people who live in larger states. On top of that, the less populated states have a larger disadvantage because the larger states grow at higher rates than others. This reduces the votes that smaller states have. If bigger states like Texas and California gain more people, then the people in smaller states get less representation. Thus, larger states have more power. Contention 3: Electoral College lowers voter turnout:

The University of Georgia in 2011 shows that “Making a statement on the overall effect of the Electoral College system voter turnout is difficult…Nevertheless, we can make comparisons between the model’s predicted turnout under actual resource allocation and predicted turnout if resources were allocated equally across states. …If the number of visits …observed across all states in 2004 were allocated so that each state had an equal number of visits and equal media saturation, the average predicted state turnout is .618, an average increase of 3.1% in voter turnout. ” In some states, the electoral college system boosts turnout. Competitive states (particularly battleground, but also some leaning states) receive a great deal more campaign activity, as do states with more Electoral College votes, which translates into higher turnout. However, this boost in a few states leaves smaller and less competitive states—the bulk of states in number—with lower turnout.

Rhetorical Devices Essay

Rhetorical Devices Essay

The definition of an anecdote is a story that is very short that either explains or emphasizes a point that is trying to be made. In my speech when I was explaining that soccer has affected the paths that my life has taken including schools and friends, I used the short story of getting recruited for soccer at the high school and collegiate level, which is also where I met my best friends. In Bekah Diehl’s speech making the point that the saying “the only fear is fear itself” she said she not scared of the fear of baseballs, but rather the ball itself.

The story she used was with her friends playing catch with the baseball around her.

The conclusion is the final part of a speech that closes it and ties it all main points together. In the conclusion the thesis is stated, the main points are summarized, and a clincher is said to leave the audience with.

The conclusion for my speech was that soccer has made me a well-rounded individual and has shaped the person that I am today. My favorite memories have included playing soccer and my teammates. When I step on the field I am free. I would not be the same person today if soccer was not in my life. In the closing of Bekah Diehl her conclusion that was her fear of baseballs is real and something she has to deal with. However, she takes comfort that her she doesn’t have a phobia of something else and that her phobia could be of something worse.

College Athletes Essay

College Athletes Essay

There are thousands of athletes playing for different colleges. They put their time and effort in it, yet they don’t get paid. When athletes play a sport, they have even more stuff to worry about than a regular student. They have to worry about their grades, staying fit to play, stay healthy, attend to practice every day there’s practice, and then after practice go home and do all their work even though they are tired. How much do they get paid for going through all that? Zero dollars.

College athletes should get paid to play too.

The average salary of a third division college coach is forty five thousand dollars a year. An average third division athlete makes nothing. Why are coaches being paid and not the athletes? Yes the coaches are giving up their time to coach the players, but the athletes are too, and they are also risking themselves of getting injured every time they step in to play or practice.

If an average NBA player makes about ten million dollars a year then why doesn’t a college basketball player get paid? There is this new rule that when a college gives away a scholarship, it can be renewed.

That means that if a player quits the team or gets injured to the point that they can’t play anymore, the college can renew the scholarship and take it away from the player and give it to another athlete or someone else. That is not fair because if a player gets a serious injury for playing, the college can just take away their scholarship, and their career gets ruined. One of examples involved Texas Christian University. Running back Kent Waldrep was paralyzed in a game against the Alabama Crimson Tide on October 26, 1974. TCU paid his medical bills for nine months, then cut him loose. They also took away Adam’s scholarship, too.

College athletes are human just like every other student. By not giving them the ability to make money and not paying them, colleges and its members are expecting the athletes to live a sub-human existence, and putting them at a disadvantage to finish their college education. Athletes are big money makers for the colleges. College athletics are a big role in making money, and they attract students to their college. Colleges depend on their athletes to produce and maintain the popularity of their school’s name. Many people argue that student athletes should not be paid because they are getting a free education through a scholarship.

These people feel that they have already done a lot for them by giving them a scholarship to their colleges. On the other side, people think that the college athletes make enough profit for their colleges , and they argue that the colleges should owe the athletes more than just a scholarship . Student athletes should be given at least small profit from their income. College athletes aren’t allowed to work. How are they going to pay for all the necessary expenses if they come from poor families? This also leads to players accepting illegal money, cars, and clothes.

When athletes that have the opportunity to leave school and turn professional they go for it, because college athletes live in near poverty. College athletes live in near poverty because the money they receive isn’t enough to pay for all of their expenses and necessities. The few athletes that graduate from college, that could turn professional before their senior year, stay because their parents support them by sending money. If college athletes are eligible to be paid, there would be more athletes graduating. Paying athletes would be good for everyone and players would go for an education instead of only concentrating on sports.

The prices of college Essay

The prices of college Essay

The prices of college tuition have increased yearly, and not much of an effort is put forth to try to lower the costs. For example, colleges in the state of Pennsylvania have a high tuition. Moravian College’s tuition is about $32,931, and after receipt of grants and scholarships for one year it will be $22,900. East Stroudsburg University’s tuition is about $6,240, and after receipt of grants and scholarships for one year it will be $12,500. I can barely afford Community College, and I know for a fact I wouldn’t be able to afford any of these colleges or universities either.

In this essay, I will explain through facts and opinions, why the cost of college tuition should be lowered.

Many people decide to start off first in Community Colleges after they leave high school because it’s cheaper. Even though, some may have the money to move on to the college or university that they dreamed about attending, or to the exact college or university that acquire the major they want to complete.

Some don’t start college after high school because they’re working on saving up enough money to attend one. Through these different experiences, I’ve realized why the cost of college tuition should be lowered.

By lowering the prices of college tuition, many people can actually go to a certain college or university that contains the major they want. Others can keep up with their studies and actually have a bright future ahead of them. Most people can even study and work hard to be able to have a wealthy job and not even have to worry about this problem with costly colleges.

Personally, I am going through issues with my college tuition. I try to pay off my college tuition with the help of my seasonal job at Dorney Park, and my parents, and the financial aid I received as well. My main problem is that even with all the help I get, I still end up paying a big amount of money for my college tuition at Northampton Community College.

According to a website I recently found, it showed what the total annual cost of the school. The website also says that the total annual cost is without grants and scholarship. Paying off the cost can be hard for most people, especially some who just got out of college and it’s hard Moravian’s total annual cost comes out to be in $44,069, and that is also without adding any grants, loans, or scholarships. Also, East Stroudsburg’s total annual cost comes out to be in $15,299, and again that is without adding any grants, loans, or scholarships. Even in where I am at, Northampton Community College, there total annual cost comes out to be in $14,684, but I don’t commute at home so it’s a little less then that price, still there is barely a difference. These prices of college tuitions have been skyrocketing, and will keep going higher if no change is made.

In conclusion, the cost of college tuitions has to go down, because many people in the world today are becoming poor, or are in financial debt, or in the recession because of these outlandish prices. Also, a big problem is the dreams of many people around the world to move on in life, and go forth to achieve goals are being traumatically ruined because of the prices of college tuition. I am one to say, college is getting way to pricy, and if these prices keep going up more, then my dreams would go down more of having the job I always wanted, having enough money to support my family and children in the future, and about even having a future at all. The government already takes enough money from every individual through taxes, we need a financial change, we need college to be cheaper, and we need it now!

The Personal Statement Instruction Essay

The Personal Statement Instruction Essay

Question 1
Focus: Academic Preparation

Question: What is your intended major? Discuss how your interest in the field developed and describe any experience you have had in the field – such as volunteer work, internships and employment, participation in student organizations and activities – and what you have gained from your involvement.

My early academic requirements such as grammar school and middle school years were spent studying in China. I never wavered in my commitment to do my best academically because in China, if you do not have good grades in school, your future would not be bright.

My middle school education was finished in the United States. After, I went on to attend four years of high school.

            After High School, I enrolled in general courses at Pasadena City College. I am an average student with average grades but a burning passion to learn and draw. I joined various school activities that allow me to hone my architectural skills. I have almost completed all the general courses that I have to take.

I am hoping to be able to attend more advanced classes and hone my skills further at your university. I am a very patient person who has the determination to succeed in the field that I have chosen. I have been developing my portfolio of architectural designs over a number of years now. I have also been an active member of various clubs and organizations in Pasadena City College where my design skills are often put to good use.

Question 2
Focus: Potential to Contribute

Question: Tell us about a talent, experience, contribution or personal quality you will bring to the University of California. *

            I am a friendly person by nature. This is why I would like to be an active participant in school events and politics. I was raised with strong convictions and beliefs about life people’s rights. It is my wish to help the world become united in friendship. I would like to develop my leadership abilities by joining school civic groups and the student council.

The school has a large campus and there is always work to be done. I would like to make sure that the student body is always an active participant in the programs that the school has designed to help build character and confidence in a person. College is the happiest time in a student’s life. I fully intend to enjoy my campus life to the fullest and bring my closest friends and classmates along for the life-changing ride. During my first few weeks at the new school, I expect that I will be joining social activities that will help me blend in with the student body.

            I want to join in the civic efforts of the university. I would like to join Habitat for Humanity and help build homes in various parts of the United States. I will continue attending workshops and seminars as well that relate to fine arts and architectural designing. I believe that these seminars help me towards gaining a better understanding of the work that I want to do in the future.

I am a highly imaginative person. I always want to be kept abreast of the latest design trends and future concepts. So I will want to spend every spare moment I have gaining the knowledge that I will need. I would like to start an architecture organization on campus. The main objective of this club will be to gather the architecture students and even those students who are not enrolled in architecture but have a love for design and concepts and give them an avenue in which to have a free exchange of ideas. We can have weekend outings where in we can tour the city and visit various architectural landmarks. Perhaps even attend seminars as a group as well.

I have had encouraging feedback from the seminar and workshop conductors. They give me the courage and will to go on and see this dream through to the end. I know that the line of study I have chosen is in an area where one has to always be up to date and thinking ahead. This is why I will excel in this field. I am a highly imaginative person and I believe my concepts are far ahead of its time. I have a very keen interest in urban design and architecture. It is my ambition to become a highly competent and popular urban designer or architect known for excellence worldwide.

Question 3
Focus: Open-Ended Question

Question: Is there anything you would like us to know about you or your academic record that you have not had the opportunity to describe elsewhere in this application? *

            I am Dong Chen. I am currently enrolled as an architectural student at Pasadena City College. I have been living in the United States for a large number of years now. I came to the United States by way of China where I was born and partially raised. My parents value education highly even though they themselves are not university graduates. My brother and I will be the first two in our family to graduate with college degrees.

            My family moved to the United States when I was still an adolescent. They have political reasons for the move. Mother and father wanted my brother and I to have a good future so they insisted on us going to good schools They were able to afford our education, a simple apartment and some amenities in life for the family. Mother works as a rank and file employee at a printing factory while father works a chef.

            My brother is based in San Diego. He has already finished college. He attended university classes at the University of California – San Diego. He graduated with a major in Computer Science. He is currently completing his Master’s Degree as a student in Cal-State-San Diego.  He is my role model and I always pattern my life after his.

            Once I become a student at this university, I will make sure that the chance that has been given to me will not be wasted. I will strive to excel in my field and make sure that I am always at the service of the school and the student body. I can be an adviser to the new Chinese students who are still adjusting to their new life in the USA.

College Is a Waste of Time and Money Essay

College Is a Waste of Time and Money Essay

1. Affluence- Abundance of money, property and other material goods Permissive- Habitually or characteristically accepting or tolerant of something, as social behavior or linguistic usage, which others might disapprove or forbid Elitist- A person having, thought to have, or professing superior intellect or talent, power, wealth, or membership in the upper echelons of society 2. The time and money put into college are not balanced with the return rate. * Society has developed an unspoken standard that college is the best fit for upcoming adults and for them to achieve the highest education possible.

But in fact, most students do not want to be there because they do not want to learn. * “no more than 25 percent of their students are turned on by classwork…up to 30% are in college reluctantly” * College has failed at its expectations and promises to give opportunities to students that most bargained for.

* There is already a surplus of adult workers in the economy with more experience than the out-of-college student.

Even with a degree in hand, graduated students do not have the upper hand over the experienced adults. * College education fails to ready students for the real because liberal arts is a religion rather than a preparation. * “A liberal-arts education is supposed to provide you with a value system, a standard, a set of ideas, not a job.” 3. College is an over-rated system that does not give out what a student gives in. 4. Based on the author’s logic, I do agree with the author’s argument. Although she uses a small amount of specific evidence, she reasons well and thoroughly. As society has developed, it has pushed for everyone to obtain the highest education possible, which most students aren’t prepared for nor will they continue with their degree. The world simply cannot go round with a population full of highly educated people.

What are some problems caused by college students` drinking? Essay

What are some problems caused by college students` drinking? Essay

College life is one of the happiest events of an individual’s life. This is the peek of student’s career where he/she prepares for his/her future. But along with his/her career, drinking alcohol is always a part of it. Most college students nowadays cannot deny the fact that they have tried drinking. Many students indulge this kind of “vice” for many reasons. Moreover, alcohol abuse is a major problem for society, costing billions of dollars annually in medical care, insurance costs, job loss tax loss, and welfare costs, as well as the loss of priceless human life and other human miseries it produces.

The students are already aware of what will happen to them if they drink excessively however, facts they have learned seem not effective to hamper their cravings. The students drink alcohols for a variety of reasons, but principal goals are to achieve another state of consciousness, to relax, to be accepted by friends or peers, to forget one’s worries such as pressures from parents, peers and school requirements and to enjoy the high that alcohol initially provides.

As tolerance develops, the individual must drink more to achieve the same effect. If students are already dependent on the drug he is already called alcoholic and dependency on the drug is known as alcoholism, a condition that affects an estimated 12 to 15 million Americans including students. For many years, alcoholism has been viewed in the context of a disease model, emphasizing the effects of the drug on physiological process.

Recently, the pendulum has swung toward psychological theories that emphasize processes such as learning, motivation, and self-awareness to explain drinking problems are initiated and how they are maintained. Moreover, risk for developing alcoholism is a greater for people especially college students who begin drinking heavily in adolescence. Other risk factors contributing to drinking among college students include poor academic performance, psychological distress, low interest in religion, low self-esteem, and the perception of a lack of parental love.

Excessive use of alcohol has been linked to a number of health problems. Among these are cirrhosis of the liver; cancers of some types, especially of the alimentary—digestive systems; and fetal alcohol syndrome in children born to mothers with alcohol dependence. Chronic alcohol abuse can also lead to brain changes and associated psychological disorders. Alcoholic students also have significantly enlarged brain sulci (the shallow grooves separating convolutions in the cortex) in comparison to people or students who are not alcoholic.

Furthermore, alcohol abuse is a case in point. Consumption of alcohol affects student’s performance in a number of ways. First, college students sometimes come to school under the influence of alcoholic beverages. Because of its physiological effects, alcohol reduces alertness, impairs motor coordination, and slows reaction times. These behavioral effects obviously interfere with efficient performance in school and result in a loss of productivity as student.

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Admission Essay for Mba Essay

Admission Essay for Mba Essay

The quest for knowledge is unlimited as are the human wants. Perception is the basic idea behind every accomplishment. The field of business administration in itself is a line with inquisitive and progressive future. The very immediate applicability of the subject and its consequent results on improvisation of society on whole is a rewarding experience to go through. The one thing in present day and in future that will remain constant will be the progress and development of mankind. Thus the focus will inevitably be on developing the business structure.

This being one of the main factors that directly reflect any countries growth and index of development has scope for challengeable and innovative future. The very beauty of this field which inclined me towards it is the fact that this field is never confined and ever emerging by bounding and integrating with different fields towards extracting the best we can do!

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Ever since my childhood I was always fascinated by the way a business works.

I always showed interest towards the working of a business and from my schooling I used to accompany my father in his business. I used to help him with maintaining accounts and learnt various business tactics. Today when choosing a specialization it is a great relief that what I want to pursue is not only a fast developing and long lasting field but also a subject of immense interest to me. Combined by my full commitment and wholehearted interest towards the subject and after judging the applicability of my decision towards my career’s progress I can say with full satisfaction that this is the best that I can do from personal and productive point of views.

Apart from the academic interest, I expanded my thirst for knowledge by presenting different technical papers at national and state levels. A few of my papers are Export Documentation, Import Documentation, Working of a Retail Outlet, few Finance related papers and Accounting Projects. All these activities during my course and the interest generated from the projects attracted me more towards the field of Business Administration which supported my childhood interest.

I was able to increase my intra personal traits by playing a major role in organizing the events of ARTHASHASTRA, a state level commerce students festival organized by Commerce Organization For Emerging Entrepreneurs (COFEE) at our institution which created a perfect platform for exposing myself in both leadership qualities and monitoring skills, which created lot of zeal to counteract the surrounding situations.

As the United States education system is the polestar for other nations, I therefore chose to opt for USA for my higher education. Furthermore, I hardly need to mention that Franklin University being among the reputed schools for Business Administration would provide the best in terms of opportunities, infrastructural facilities and academically stimulating environment. My intended areas of specialization in the Graduate program in the Business Administration at Franklin University (Columbus, OH) is Masters in Business Administration (MBA) in order to pursue a carrier in business administration and experience the excitement and satisfaction of being associated with this vast and expanding field.

Finally I would like to add that the essence of University education lies in the synergic relationships between the student and his department. I am confident that I will match the high standards set by the University. I thus feel that a Graduate study at Franklin University will be the most logical extension of my academic pursuits and a major step towards achieving my objectives. I would definitely boost my ambitions if I am given the opportunity to pursue my higher studies at Franklin University with suitable financial assistance and I am confident that I will be able to justify your faith in me.

Solution/s to High Tuition fees at California State Universities Essay

Solution/s to High Tuition fees at California State Universities Essay

The problem of high tuition fees has faced many students nowadays. In order to get a decent job in future, a student needs to attend college. However, many students are having a very hard time paying tuition fees because they are very high, and have even been increasing during the recent years. Have you ever wondered what it’s like for a young person who comes from a middle-class family to pay huge sums of tuition money in order to make his dream of having college education come true? Have you ever thought what a student has to go through to be able to pay for his education? He is constantly under stress pressure because he needs to find jobs to be able to keep studying.

There are many reasons for high tuition fees in California colleges, and many students become victims of them.

One of the main solutions of this problem lies in increasing financing from the government which can bring down the tuition fees for students.

However, in order to suggest more solutions it’s necessary to list the whole range of problems in the result of which the cost of education is constantly increasing. One of the main reasons of high tuition fees at California universities is very simple from the economic point of view. It’s caused by supply and demand for education in the region. For example, there may be 30,000 young people applying for acceptance at the university while the university can only take 5,000 people.

The difference between supply of vacant places and the demand of young people is enormous. The only way a balance between these market forces can be achieved is by having high tuition fees. If there are many students applying for colleges and lots of them are willing to study at any cost because they want to get higher education, there is no sense for universities to decrease tuition fees. There will still be students willing to pay because the demand for education is so high. What is the solution for this problem? It’s very easy to figure it out because in order to bring balance to the market of education at the lower price, it’s only necessary to increase the supply of vacant places.

Once the supply is increased, the tuition fees will have to go down right away. What is happening now in the market of education is that universities form a kind of oligopoly due to the limited supply of places, and therefore they are able to make the tuition fees high, just like in any oligopoly market. As long as there is oligopoly, there is no way for prices to go down. In order to solve this problem, new universities have to be introduced to the market, and barriers for their entrance reduced. If a larger number of good universities appears in the market, the number of applicants for every university will decrease, and so will the costs for education. This step could be favorable both for universities and for students.

The problem is that with the policy of high tuition fees which is provided nowadays, universities might be unable to accept really brilliant students who unfortunately are not able to pay such sums of money for education and end up studying in educational establishments of a lower level. The universities have come up with a kind of a solution for this problem because they have cooperated with banks to provide student loans for those who are willing to study but do not have enough money. In such a way, universities do not have to think about the necessity to decrease tuition fees because they seem to solve the students’ problems right away. However, the solution of student loans introduced by universities is not as beneficial as it seems.

For example, a student loan is the only type of loan on which the person can declare bankruptcy, therefore it always has to be repaid, even if the student cannot work due to his injury or some other reason. Another problem is that the cost of education with the cost of borrowing added becomes even higher than if the student had to pay with his own money. The solution of introducing loans has another negative side – it makes the amount of scholarships granted by universities smaller than it would originally be.

Universities would otherwise provide scholarships for students who are brilliant and cannot pay for their education but instead, they offer them a scholarship combined with a student loan which makes the tuition high even for such students. This problem has to be solved by reducing the cooperation of universities with banks and making sure many students are able to obtain scholarships. Somebody might disagree with the decision that some of the students have to get education completely for free, without even having to pay the student loan. However, this is the only way to stimulate brilliant students to keep studying as hard. By canceling their tuition fees, the university shows the respect for their hard work and good knowledge.

Another visible reason of high tuition fees at California universities is connected with high salaries of professors at universities. Some professors teach only 6 hours a week but they get very high salaries due to their high academic level. In this situation, universities need to employ many professors to teach all the necessary courses, and they all have the receive salaries. The productivity of each professor thus becomes relatively low, but the costs of their employment which the university has to bear are very high. Therefore, tuition fees for the university need to be very high to maintain its staff. In order to solve this problem, it’s necessary to make sure professors teach more courses.

This can help to increase the productivity of the universities’ staff and bring the tuition fees down. This solution can certainly be opposed because professors need to be paid very well for their difficult work. However, the solution lays only in the necessity to increase their productivity by making teach more hours for the salaries they are already receiving. One more reason in high tuition fees at California universities lies in insufficient financing of government. In order to reduce the tuition fees, it’s necessary to make sure government finances universities in increasing volumes every year.

The government support of education is very important for universities because their costs get reduced in such a way, and it becomes possible for them to reduce their tuition fees. The government needs to balance its budget in such a way that substantial sums of money get given to universities for their programs. However, in some situations, the government is simply incapable to increase the financing of universities due to its need to balance the budget, and it starts cutting subsidies for universities in the area. A good solution of the problem which the government could suggest is putting higher taxes on corporations which function in the area in order to increase the subsidies to the universities. The increase in tax can be minimal but all the money collected through this tax increase could be channeled to the universities.

Government could also offer another suggestion which could be very beneficial for universities. For example, it could stimulate businesses to make donations to universities by decreasing their taxes or providing other benefits for them. The donations of companies could become very beneficial for universities because large corporations could donate large sums of money, enough to finance many university programs and decrease tuition fees radically. It’s also common truth that companies use university labs to provide research for them. By making companies pay large sums of money for using university labs to provide their research, the universities could obtain enough money to decrease the tuition fees.

There appear to be many solutions for decreasing tuition fees at California universities. With the application of at least some of them, the tuition fees could decrease radically, and more students would be able to afford the education. The greatest support should come from government of course because it has access to the most efficient tools of decreasing the cost of education. However, the importance of increasing the supply of universities in the area is also very important in reducing the cost of education.

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