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Implementing Change Paper Essay

Implementing Change Paper Essay


A manager is a person who is responsible for being in charge of all or a piece of a company or organization. A manager is very important and can make or break a company. According to DuBrin (2008), desirable personal characteristics make a manager somebody that the employees can look up to, and sense content following them. Some of those characteristics are motivation, integrity, optimism, dependability, and confidence. Some level of business insight is essential for a manager. Being knowledgeable about fundamental business values and practices can be helpful, such as having knowledge of the company, being organized, money management, and legal implications.

It is necessary for a good manager to be able to communicate thoroughly and effectively.

Managers should make sure to develop the skill to converse as part of his or her efforts. Some characteristics that should be acquired to be an affective conversationalist and execute management duties are verbal and written communication, constructive feedback, active listening, and organized presentations.

Managers should also know how to build professional relationships with employees with qualities such as respect, values, collaboration, and being a team player. The contents of this paper will define the roles and responsibilities of a manager when change is implemented and how he or she should handle the change using assessment, planning, implementation, and evaluation.

Roles and responsibilities in implementing change

Change is very popular in any company or organization. Change management deals with how changes to the company or department are managed so they don’t degrade performance. Once an organization commit to planned change, the manager needs to construct a reasonable step by step approach in order to achieve the goals of change. According to Gilley (2001), a planned change entails managers to follow a seven step method for successful implementations. The first step is to recognize that change is needed. The change may be due to either internal or external forces but it needs to be addressed. The second step is to develop the goals of the change. It is required to establish the reason why the change is necessary then identify the needed changes in terms of products, technology, structure, and culture.

The third step is to select a change agent, who will be the person that takes control and is responsible to execute the planned change. The change agent must be attentive to things that need revamping, open to new and good ideas, and supportive of the implementation of those ideas into actual practice. The fourth step is to diagnose the current climate, in which the change agent sets about assembling data about the climate of the company in order to assist employees in preparation for change. Preparing employees for change involves direct and influential feedback about the negatives of the current situation. The fifth step is to choose an implementation technique.

Managers can make themselves more receptive to pressures for change by using networks of organizations with diverse perceptions and views, being exposed to new ideas by visiting other organizations, and using outside standards of performance, such as competitor’s development. The sixth step is to develop a plan that determines the when, where, and how of the change. The seventh and last step is to finally implement the plan. After all the questions have been answered, the plan should be put into operation. Once a change has started, initial excitement can scatter in the facade of everyday issues. Managers can retain the momentum for change by providing resources, developing new capabilities and skills, emphasizing new behaviors, and building a support system for those initiating the change.

Handling staff resistance to change

During a change, employees often act negatively towards that change. The staff is usually resistant to change for a number of different reasons such as fear of loss of job, fear of the unknown, loss of control, lack of competence, poor timing, peer pressure, lack of trust and support, and many more reasons. There are a number of ways managers can help employees overcome resistance to change. According to Sharma (2006), one proven technique is education and communication. Employees can be educated about the nature of the change and the reason behind it before it takes place using reports, memos, and presentations. Another important factor of overcoming resistance is inviting employee contribution and involvement in the plan and implementation stages of the change.

Another possible approach is through facilitation and support. Managers should be sure to supply employees with the resources they need to make the change, be supportive of their efforts, listen to their problem, and understand that performance level may go down initially. Some companies deal with resistance to change through compromise and rewards by offering employees incentives to guarantee their cooperation. Other companies choose to manipulate, such as giving a resistance leader an important position in the change process. Whatever approaches that a manager uses to handle employees resistance to change, it is important that they acknowledge the resistance and do something about it.

The Worst Thing in the World Essay

The Worst Thing in the World Essay

Can you remember when you were just a 5 or 6-year-old kid? When you had nothing to worry about but the size of you pack of crayons? Life was so easy back then. We could play outside all day long, have fun with our friends, watch TV, play videogames and so on.

As little kids we always wanted to be older, we wanted to grow up and do grown up things. We spent our whole childhood imagining what it would be like if we were older and grown up.

Now here we are, almost grown up…. and I can tell you, its not as fun as I thought it was going to be. Sometimes I wish I had never grown up. It is just too sudden. Sometimes I still wish I was a little kid and not a teenager.

I think growing up is the worst thing in the world.

Growing up means we have to become responsible, mommy and daddy won’t be doing everything anymore.

Life is now full of responsibilities; homework, grades, good behaviour, helping your parents, chores and being a good teenager of course.

When our parents told and warned us about the big, scary and cruel world we didn’t get it, so we didn’t care. But now we know that the world we knew has changed and became colder. It lost its innocence and it’s not just our playground anymore. And as soon as you grow up people around you tend to change too. Not everyone is your best friend anymore. You find out what fake friends are and you realize that real friends are hard to find.

But do you still remember when those silly cartoons were the funniest thing ever, when it was so hard core when u stayed up passed 9 o’clock and when the hardest decision you had to make was what ice cream flavour you wanted for dessert. Those are one of the best memories. Even though we will never experience them anymore, we will never forget them. We could watch the same cartoons, but we will never enjoy them that much anymore. We could easily stay up till 9 but sometimes we wish we could go to bed earlier, because we are so tired. Deciding what flavour ice cream we want is now one of a bunch of decision we have to make everyday.

As a teenager I think there are already too much stuff to worry about and we have too much responsibilities. I can’t imagine what it would be like to be an adult and to really do everything on my own. If I think about it that way…. being a teenager isn’t that bad. High school, homework and chores are not that bad compared to a job, paying bills and maintaining an household. We should actually enjoy our life’s as teenagers, because when we’ll be adults, we can only look back.

Growing up might feel like the worst thing in the world at times, because it means we have to be responsible and we cant live our life’s without any troubles, but it is simply a part of our life. We just have to deal with it. As we grow older, our eyes open and we see things changing. The world changes and so do the people around us. I still remember I couldn’t wait to grow up and now growing up is one of my worst fears. I don’t want to be an adult yet…. so I’ll just enjoy my life as being an teenager, even though it’s not always that easy.

Congratulations Class Essay

Congratulations Class Essay

At school you have started to put in place the building blocks of your educational future. You have performed so well and are all outstanding students. You have changed your own lives so much and have leaned everything so well. You have all grown up and we are very proud of you. I look around the room and see the stars of the future.

You have also changed the lives of your friends for the better. There has been great teamwork and support for everyone.

You should be proud of the way you have worked together. Also your teachers and parents have had their lives changed for the better. They do love you very much. Thanks to the teachers for creating a wonderful, nurturing environment for these wonderful graduates. Graduation time is a time of mixed emotions – a time for sadness as you say your goodbyes to teachers and friends who in one way or another have become part of your lives; a day of excitement as you look forward towards a newfound page in your lives- a march into adulthood, independence and self-sufficiency! As you ponder about the happenings of those not so distant past; those seemingly endless nights of work and toil as you struggle for prestige and excellence; the downfalls and the triumphs; the laughter and tears – all have bunched into this thing called experience beckoning you to pause and rest for just a second; and then driving your young imaginations to once again wallow into a renewed struggle for recognition and survival!

Indeed, being a high school graduate is an end with a new beginning looming in the horizon in each of your young lives.

Today’s theme is “The Graduate: A Partner Towards Transformational Society, An Answer to Societal Change” (Ang Mga Magsisipagtapos: Kaagapay Tungo sa Pagbabagong Anyo ng Lipunan Tugon sa Hamon ng Sambayanan). It is the great challenge for you graduates – on how you will answer this call for a change; a change that will serve as yardstick as to what will be your contributions to this society in the future. In today’s ever demanding environment, you the graduates must serve as a catalyst in providing a vehicle for societal change. First and foremost, you must become productive and useful citizens! “Success is by choice not by chance”, you are the ones responsible for the preparation of your future and continuing education is the answer – it is the KEY! With poverty and hardships hindering you to have an access to education; you must steel your hearts and minds, harden your resolves, and bring out your resourcefulness and resiliency yet trusting in the graciousness of the GREAT ALMIGHTY!

These attributes for sure will serve as your guide and beacon in order for you to safely charter your course in any “brewing storm” this life can offer. My dear graduates, you must remember that the right kind of mindset is very important in order for you to be where you want to be. Having the right kind of mindset enables you to focus on the right dreams and aspirations, a necessity in forming the right kind of attitude and habits and in return enabling you to make all your longings and your dreams become a reality. True enough today, these are yet but dreams; but if they do come true – imagine the exhilaration, the happiness… the sweet taste of success all yours for the taking! Therefore you must be in the forefront of change – never tiring of making things work and click, unmindful of all the hurts and failures encountered! My friends there is a saying that as we walk in our journey through life we encounter three different kinds of people; those who make things happen, those who watched what happens and those who wonder what happened! My dear graduates where do you belong? I remember, 1995 when I started my years of school, I was so excited for what would I learn in school.

Also with every closing program I am so excited also with awards that I would have. For 6 years in elementary, I have gained the confidence that all throughout my school life I would have awards every closing. Graduating from elementary, with our status in life, that didn’t prevent me from striving more and still I continued with my endeavor. I even remember my tito’s and tita’s convincing me to take my high school in Tuguegarao, but then I decided just to study here in mangga high school. From buyun, I walked going to school even during heavy rains and the mud that we walk on, I still enjoyed it and those instances in my life didn’t hinder me from pursuing my dream to finish school and attain my dream in the future. For four years, I endured the hardships and trials that come along my way. Going to school with just enough money on my pocket and not even having the most delicious snacks in the canteen, not experiencing the life of the rich students in the city, made me more think of a better future ahead of me and my family. After all those years, I graduated with flying colors again another trial is trying to test me. My review for the incoming board examination is again my family’s problem, but God is so good to me that my uncle helped me still with my fees.

With 6 months of reviewing hard, the day for my board came, I really strive hard to make it good and there luckily I passed the boeard examination. And now, still I am just beginning my life to be a real help and a partner for this society to change for the better by providing a better role as a professional. T his eventful day in your lives and as you go on separate ways; wouldn’t it be nice that one day in the not so distant future you will meet again: some maybe with great tales of exploits and adventure, some of heartaches and pains, some maybe of self realizations and musings… but wouldn’t it be wonderful that in that much awaited reunion you in your selves have found your sense of inner peace?

A peace rooted in the fact that you have in one way or another have done your share for the advancement of the society in which you are an essential part? If your answer to this question by that time is a big “YES”; it is only then my dear graduates that you can really proudly say that you, “The Graduate” has become a true partner in transforming our society; that you have become a true catalyst for social change! That my dear graduates is my challenge to you all… Go forth and be the hope of generations to come… become hope of the future… HEAL THE WORLD! I hope you have a wonderful day today and enjoy all your celebrations.

I look forward to the next stage in your development. You are all ready to go to on to the next stage of your educational journey. Good luck for the future. Thank you vey much and again Congratulations!