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Driverless Cars Are the Present, Not the Future. Essay

Driverless Cars Are the Present, Not the Future. Essay

With the advancement of technology in today’s world, the driverless car was introduced, and it has been a dominating headline topic within these few years. Many car manufacturers, such as BMW, Volvo, and Audi, have been investing in the development project for the autonomous vehicle. This might prove that driverless car might be the leading car industries in the future. This will lead to a question whether if the driverless car is better than the human-driven car. To have a clearer view of the comparison between them, we can consider these 3 aspects: safety, time and road optimization.

Firstly, everyone knows the importance of safety when driving on the road but what makes the driverless car safer than a human-driven car. The driverless car is safer than the human-driven car because of its technology, the driverless car makes use of sensors such as cameras, radar, lasers, ultrasonic sensors, GPS, and mapping technology to determine its position and navigate on the road safely.

In contrast, in a car driven by human the drivers make use of their senses, such as eyes, ears and touch to navigate their way on the road. With the increase of travel time, their fatigue level will also increase, this might cause the driver to lose concentration or even fall asleep while driving. Some driver might even consume alcohol before they travel, making it unsafe for other road users as well as themselves. Recent studies of the traffic accident in Singapore 2016 show that causes of human-driven car accident such as failing to keep a proper lookout, failing to have proper control, failing to give way to traffic with right of way and changing lane without due care resulted in more than 2500 accident cases. (Singapore Police Force 2016). Whereas for the driverless car in 2016 there is only one case of an accident that happens where the driverless car collided with a lorry at one north which was suspected due to software anomalies in the driverless car (Strait times 2016).

Secondly, the time taken to drive from point to point can be quite a hassle, for example, a country like the United State of America where the land is so much bigger than Singapore, traveling from one states to the other would take more than 3 hours or even more. in a car driven by a human, the driver will need to stay focus and concentrate on driving the car to their destination. Whereas for a driverless car the experience will be totally different, the hours of time traveled can be utilized to do more stuff such as reading a newspaper or you can even take a nap while traveling without the need to control your car since the driverless car will take you to your destination. The driverless car will be able to save a lot of our time, it is like adding the extra hours to our hectic life.

Lastly, in term of road optimization, there are many traffic lights on the road the human-driven car must stop when they encounter traffic light this will cause traffic congestion, whereas for a country with all driverless car on the road, traffic light is not needed anymore the driverless cars will be able to seamlessly merge to the other lanes easily. Allowing traffic to flow smoothly across intersections. There will be neither time delay nor collision.

In conclusion, the driverless car has more advantages in term of safety, time and road optimization as compared to a human-driven car, with the minimal amount of road accident occurs, a large amount of time-saving and the non-delaying road optimization. This futuristic vision is becoming reality with the advancement of technology which will prove that the driverless car will be the leading car industries.