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The Power of Hoping and Believing Essay

The Power of Hoping and Believing Essay

Everyone has a shadow in their life. They may be academic failure, failure of marriage, and failure in one’s career. Normally it is the forbidden area which no one can access. Most of the shadows can be forgotten as time goes by. Some of them, like a scar in the heart, undoubtedly leave their mark. Everyone has different ways in facing life’s difficulties, such as escape or solve it. The power of hoping and believing is very strong. It is through these beliefs that changes and discoveries are made.

It is due to the acts of hoping and believing that advancement and modern technology thrive on.

When we have a great idea and if we hope and believe in it, chances are, we can discover something that could help make our world a better place to live in. Lauren Slater in the “Three Spheres,” writes, “Sometimes I wish time stayed solid, in separable chunks as distinct as the sound of the ticking clock on my mantle right now.

In truth, though, we break all boundaries, hurtling forward through hope and backward on the trail made by memory. ”(7) In the quote of Three Spheres, Lauren Slater naively wishes that time can stand still instead of escaping to go to Mount Vernon.

It is because the memory in a specific period and the picture of Mount Vernon made her escape from the difficulties in her life. For me, I think it is the writer’s wish that time should stand still and be compartmentalized like a source of reference to probably make her statements and generalizations correct. But in truth, there is none. Because what may be true now can be proven wrong in the future. There are no compartments and we all move forward. We add on to the general knowledge and we just look back not for reference of something constant but only for memory’s sake.

In addition, we always want to be time travelers that go back to our lovely memories. It is because we always consider the real word as cruel. A lot of people don’t want to face difficulties and suffering. Aside from that, no one knows what will happen in the next moment. The future is a secret. We don’t want to take the risk since the difficulty will come in the next minute. We humans always feel scared when we face something we don’t know. Many people are scared of the dark because they can’t see further. Death is a mystery since we don’t know exactly when and where it will happen. People always feel interested and scared about death.

Death is a thing that we can’t get back from once we enter it. It seems to have no doors for us to learn about. The only way we can learn about death is from religion. A major thing that you would probably want to compartmentalize or stay on are your happy moments. In most cases, people who suffered a tragic loss of a loved one would wish that time stood still so that they can continue to be with their loved one. On some instances, a loved one, a good business venture or a prime economic stage that had gone bad would make people want to wish for the time to stand still and remain during their “good times”.

Typically, we want to stay in the “good times” when we lack the confidence and the ability to solve our problems. However, as we all know, time is constantly moving and can only be compartmentalized for memory of how we thought or how we felt at that moment and can never be something there for us to continuously have those thought and feelings. Time moves on as life moves on. In psychology, a person stuck in a subject is a self- induced hypnotic. “I can do it! I can do it! ” We always say this when we are facing difficulties. I kept saying this before I gave a speech.

I understand it does not give you a great help, but believing in yourself is very important. As it is human nature to constantly want better conditions of living, we always think of ways to improve on what we have right now and we hope and believe that our ideas could be a great contribution to the betterment of our society. As can be seen in technology, our computer has evolved from a big desktop system to e-notebooks. From x-rays we now have ultra-sound, MRI and CT scan. From the movies and film industry the reel became, betamax, VHS, Laser Disc, Compact Discs, DVD, and USB and now we can even download movies through the internet.

Visiting her old home, Mount Vernon, is the first step for Lauren Slater to face her cruel history. People can understand her reason for escaping her difficulties. Although we may sometimes want time to stand still, it is our nature to hope and believe for something better to come our way, and only look back at memories. If time really stood still then our world would be a boring place to live in because there will be nothing new and nothing to look forward to. Hoping and believing gives us life and energy to move forward and make our new day exciting, adventurous and worth living.