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A Review of the Movie Coach Carter Essay

A Review of the Movie Coach Carter Essay

While some players refuse to even attempt to meet these new standards, those who stay find themselves capable of, and dreaming of a future that had never once entered their minds. The following is a brief review of the challenges faced by both coach carter and his team, and the decisions and methods made and used by the coach to press his team on to success both on and off the court. Summary First we will quickly assess the challenges faced by Ken Carter as a coach and leader to this group of young men.

He inherits a team of selfish, showy players, concerned only with their own stats and not doing the little things it takes to make the team a winning one. He moves into a school that seems to be supportive of the idea that these kids have no future beyond highschool and that the boys should be allowed to enjoy this temporary releif from a life where there are 4 times more likely than to go to college.

The students alost have issues outside of school with one player looking at potential fatherhood and another player involved with gangs and drugs.

If this was not enough the coaches own son transfers from a private prep school in order to play for his father. A basic breakdwon of these challenges into more generic ideas would look like this. The leader moves into an organization where those underneath him have no respect for his or the organizations values. There is no strucure in place for their success both individually or corporatly. Those in positions above him seem indifferent to the problems facing their charges, they are just trying to make it through the day.

Also, there is a possible challenge of dealing nepotism in regards to showing favoritism towards his own son. In order to deal with these many issues Coach Carter had to instill his own strucure from the very beginning. To be firm in his convictions and actions while maintaining the compassion that would be needed to break down the walls of his players. If he were to waver at all the players would jump on him and his cause would be lost in an instant.

These players had no stability in their lives outside of the gym, so it was critical to his and their success that there was something they could cling to no matter how turbulent their lives may be. They key to all of these issues was respect. The players had no respect for the game, their coaches, or themselves. In order for them to change, they had to understand the value that he placed on them and to understand that he saw things in them that they had not bothered to look for. There were so many variables outside of Ken Carters control.

Turbulent home life, pressure to make it out of an economically depressed area, and the lack of cooperation from the students teachers and administration where lying in wait for the coach. Not only were their outside issues but there was also issues within the team. Lack of talent was not an issue however which helped to spur the team on to success once the proper structure and motivation was put in place. The players he was charged with leading bickered amongst themselves, ignored the previous coach, and disrespected the game and their opponents while being more concerned with their own pride than winning the games.

From the beginning the goal for Coach Carter was to focus on the wellbeing of the students, to make them winners, not just on the court but in life. He imposed strict standards and when the students failed to meet them they were met with harsh consequenses, incudling being suspended from the team and the entire team being locked out of the gy muntill their grades improbed. He put himself on the line as coach to back up the idea that he was more concerned with their progress as men and students than on their success as bsketball players.

While demanding respect and dealing swiftly with indescretions by his players he also displayed compassion towards these young men, allowing them to work their way back onto the team, and bringing one player back twice after his cousin was chot in front of him in a drug deal gone bad. The focus on this movie was on the development of the players as people more than the basketball teams success, however the systems put in place by Coach Carter for both paths ran paralell to one another. He began with the basics, conditioning and fundementals on the court, respect and discipline in life.

Moving on to offense on the court and thinking about the future in real life. This was done on both ends to prove that what sets you up for success in the future is the decisions and habits that you implement today. The things that take the hardest work most often offer the greatest rewards. Application So what can I take from this story as it relates to my future in both coaching and athletic administration. The biggest concept that i have taken from this movie is the idea of respect and discipline. To have respect for the players i lead and the organizations within which i am given responsibilities.

To lead those under me to an understanding of both their intrinsic and extrinsic value and to press them towards growth within and outside the confines of sports and careers. Finally the concept of discipline as a means to freedom. To work so hard on the foundation of excellence so that when the moment comes to leap forth and seize the goal, no thought will be given to the long hard hours of training and work, but the ingrained habits will propel us upwards to the realization of excellence in all our endeavors.

Geography Assignment- Globalisation of sport Essay

Geography Assignment- Globalisation of sport Essay


A. When and where did the game originate?

Basketball was first invented in 1891. But the first formal rules were devised in 1982. Basketball was first originated in America at a school called Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA) by a group of boys. B. When and where the game was first played in Australia? The game was first played in 1905. It was first played also at YMCA but in Melbourne. C. How is this sport played? What are the basic rules?

The game is played with a round ball and two teams with five players each.

(Two guards, two forwards, and a centre.) The referee starts the game by tossing the ball in the air between the two opposing centre players, standing at the centre of the circle of the playing arc. The player who hits the ball may then pass, throw, tap or dribble the ball in any direction. The aim of this game is throwing the ball in the opponent’s basket while preventing the other team from getting the ball and scoring goals.

The basic rules are: If you run or walk with the ball that is called travelling, which means the other team gets the ball. If the ball is thrown over the basket it is considered out of bounds, which means the team who had it loses position of the ball, if you stop dribbling and start dribbling again it is known as double dribble, each team can only have up to 5 substitutes, two points given for a field goal, the games go for 40 minutes broken into halves, one point is rewarded for a free throw and you can not do any contact.

D.Where is the sport played overseas?

Map on the back

i. How has the game been adapted for different contexts/localities It has been adapted by different forms. This means different ways of playing basketball. ii. Why has the game been adapted?

A reason it has been adapted is: So all participants can be involved. E.G: people who can’t do anything with their legs, wheelchair basketball was invented. F.For your sport list five Australia players who play overseas and who they play for, and five overseas players who play in Australia and who they play for. Present this information in a table.

Strengths in basketball Essay

Strengths in basketball Essay

In my Analysis Peace I am going to be analysing Alex combs at basketball. I chose Alex because he is a talented basketball player and I have seen him improve in basketball in various ways since yr7 and I feel I can help him improve even more. Alex has adapted himself into becoming a centre and that’s the position I have chosen to help him improve on. I believe with a little bit of direction Alex can make it a far way in basketball.

To make it at a professional level in basketball and to be able to become a centre you need to have certain qualities and aspects. You need to have self belief because basketball is a game of trail and error. A great centre is always willing to try over and over again. Above all a great centre needs to be enthusiastic and determined a successful centre generally wants the ball and will do anything to get it.

Also a great centre has the ability to change the flow of the game. He also has the ability to change his team mate’s attitude.

A centre needs to be aware of the rules especially the 3 second rule. In the game basketball the centre controls the game he is the heart of the team offensively and defensively the more rebounds he makes the more points your team will score lastly You need to be tough don’t worry about contact with other players don’t be afraid to use your strength and speed to keep other players from getting the ball. Including those following aspects there are other attributes that affect your performance in basketball such as:

Strength: Strength is needed so you are able to compete for rebounds when shots are missed. Having that extra strength gives you the advantage against other players and enables to position yourself. This is done by boxing out (sometimes referred to as blocking out). Boxing out is where you position your self between the basket and another player and push them away by backing into them therefore you have to be close to the basket at all times. Strength is needed so that you can protect the ball after a missed shot.

It’s important to rebound so that the other team does not get another chance of scoring and offensively you create another opportunity for your team to score. Speed: Speed is need so that you get to the ball before anyone else after a missed shot allowing you to get the rebound. This also means your reaction and movement time needs to be quick. Speed is need so that you’re able to intercept dangerous passes also you need speed endurance allowing you to run back and defend. Speed is also need when attacking your opposition mainly fast breaks.

Reaction Time: Needs to be fairly quick so you’re able to intercept passes you need quick reactions allowing you to get between the passer and receiver. Agility: The ability to change your direction and body position is highly important in basketball. It’s useful to help you to get past defenders. Agility is also important allowing you to change direction very quickly enabling you to attack the basket at speed. It’s also important to be agile whilst defending it helps you stay with you defender.

Basketball is a fast pace game that requires a lot of movement effort and work. Balance: Balance is need so that you’re able to stay on your feet which mean you are unlikely to get injured. It’s also important because it allows you to perform a successful jump shot or a lay up. Balance is important because if you’re being shoved you don’t wobble or fall over easily. Stamina: Stamina is important enabling you to run back to defend your basket and to run up and down the court to get hold of rebounds.

Stamina gives you the ability to finish a full intense basketball game. Skill: Being ambidextrous having the ability to perform skills with both your left and right hand this a good advantage in basketball because it gives you confidence in your play and gives you various ways of attacking confusing your opponent. Left hand lay up Right hand lay up Section 2 Alex’s Strengths Watching Alex Perform In school matches and watching him in practise gave me the chance to analyse him carefully. I have recognized some of his strengths in basketball.

The King vs The Greatest Essay

The King vs The Greatest Essay

Sports comes down to competition fans and people love comparing one athlete against another just to see who the public thinks is better. Whether its fantasy comparison of Muhammad Ali vs Mike Tyson or Floyd Mayweather jr vs Manny Pacquiao. In basketball one on one comparisons are made all the time. Magic Johnson vs Larry bird, Kareem Abdul jabber vs bill Russell and there all-time greatest comparison Michael Jordan vs LeBron James. Jordan Consider the greatest basketball player of all time and one of the greatest athletes as well.

LeBron on the other hand highly respected and is universally consider the best all athlete in the NBA and maybe the greatest athlete of all time. These two sports giant have always found themselves locked in a battle in seeing who is the best the old vs the new. Michael Jordan “the greatest” is consider the greatest basketball player of all time. Michael Jordan is was one of the most effectively marketed athletes of his generation and was considered instrumental in popularizing the NBA around the world.

As of June 12, 2014 Michael had just became the first billionaire athlete. He increased his stake in his basketball team to 89.5% from 80% in last couple of months. Besides making money from his basketball team (which he owns majority) he still makes an annual earnings at $90 million a year. He’s part of the Nike family which helps with the success of Nike’s Jordan Brand, which is now roughly a $2 billion business worldwide. Michael Jordan skill set and his ability to jump set himself apart from player. When Jordan would jump or dunk some people would say it was like he was flying. Or when he do his signature shot “the fade way” it was like he was floating in the air. Besides wining 6 rings multiple MVPs the best aspect of Jordan was his ability to close out games. He was cold blooded like an assassin when it came to finishing games and this is why many people consider him to be “the greatest”. Like Michael Jordan, LeBron James or “King James” is was one of the most effectively marketed athletes of today. In 2014 he was the highest paid NBA player in league.

He was 3rd highest paid athlete in the world at $72.3 million. Only behind Cristiano Ronaldo with $80 million. And Floyd Maywether jr. at $105 million. King James is the NBA’s biggest endorsement star, thanks to deals with Nike, McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, Upper Deck and sprite others. Sales of his Nike shoes were tops among active players at $300 million in the U.S. during 2013. James also made millions through his small stake in Beats when it was sold to Apple for $3 billion he made ($30 millions) off the deal. King James has been to 5 NBA finals won2 and lost three On the court LeBron is one of the few NBA players who teams personally foul, because he is so fats and strong he is like freight train players grab him before he get the ball up.

LeBron is versatile he can any position 1-4 he’s like half the team himself. LeBron is a monster on the court and off the court and this makes him a threat to the king’s throne. Michael vs LeBron, LeBron vs Michael either way it goes LeBron is gunning for his throne and he knows it. Right know there LeBron James career he has already pretty close Jordan in a lot key stats and 29.With good health will pass Jordan n scoring, rings, rebounds, assist ,all-star games and many more. Will Michael Jordan be able to protect his throne at the top or will he fall to king gunning fast? Who knows who will be the better player “King James” or “The Greatest?”