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Big Five Basic Trait Clusters Essay

Big Five Basic Trait Clusters Essay

In the general field of psychology, the concept of trait of each individual comprises collectively their attitude, behavior, motivational factor, and other significant characteristics relative to their individuality. These specific traits manifest and determine dominantly their actions, perception, and other reasoning in which the characteristics of their trait become the foundation of their personality.

In particular to this field, the empirical field of psychology establishes five major personality traits significant in the determination and classification of personality characteristics. These major classifications are established based on the manifested characteristic of the involved individual and its influence on the person’s social characteristics and behavior.

In the empirical field of psychology, the five major trait clusters are established as openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism.

The trait characteristic of openness is mainly related to the affiliation and sensitivity of the person towards the field of art, adventure, emotion, unusual ideas and eccentricity, with a commonly heightened passion for creativity and imagination. The trait of conscientiousness display great tendency towards self-discipline, responsibility, ductility in action and behavior, and inclination towards achievements.

The trait of extraversion is characterized dominantly by restfulness, positive emotion, and a significant motivation from social companionship. The fourth trait namely agreeableness display great tendency towards being compassionate and cooperative towards others with minimal antagonistic behavior in their social relationship. The last trait cluster namely neuroticism is characterized by the person’s susceptibility to unpleasant emotions such as vulnerability towards depression, anger, behavioral instability, and anxiety.

Considering the characteristics and fundamental concepts behind each behavioral cluster, this author particularly find much connection towards the group classification of openness and conscientiousness manifested with the behavior and personality of this author. Based on personal assessment, among the dominant behavior of this author are his artistic expressionism, adventurous personality, imaginative design, ingenuity, and a great value towards curiosity.

Based on this, this author determine that he is inclined towards an opened behavioral trait yet, his perception towards personal responsibility and discipline makes him also a conscientious person. Based on these factors, the author of this paper belongs to both traits with an equal manifestation of their characteristics. Bibliography Wiggins, Jerry S. (1996). The Five-Factor Model of Personality: Theoretical Perspectives. The Guilford Press. 1st Edition. ISBN-10: 157230068X.