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In the explanation made by Aaker Essay

In the explanation made by Aaker Essay

Accordingly, there are various management approaches that the company may use to have a strong and effective brand image. In order to build a strong brand and effective image, the management who are tasked to build brand image should think of two things in planning a strategy. Such things are first is to sell the service of the company as a short-term goal and second is to build a strong brand image in the long run.

In time of the process of promoting the brand name, the industry should apply integrated marketing communications to ensure the efficient introduction of the quality of service that the organization stands for (Clowe & Baack, 2007).

The strong and effective characteristic of the brand is also linked with the performance of the company. In this regard, to ensure the effectiveness of their brand image, the industry must be able to integrate all the available resources as well as recognize essential opportunities include combining a strong image with an external opportunity to establish competitive position and advantage of the brand.

A comprehensive analysis of the characteristic of a strong brand image of the company should be integrated to solidify the connection of the brand with the target market. A strong and effective brand image has also the ability to consider various consumer behaviors to be able to introduce a consistent message with the target market (Engel, Blackwell & Miniard, 1995).

Another characteristic of the strong and effective brand image is its ability to effectively communicate with the target audience which starts on the organisation per se. The strength of the brand image can be determined through the values and principles of the industry as well as the extent that the company established its position. A strong and competitive brand image in the company has various components which can be considered as tangible and intangible aspects.

The tangible characteristics of a strong brand include the quality of the products or services identified with the brands, the different subcategories of the brand names in terms of the needs and demands of the clients, the brand accessibility; the marketing communications approach used by the company, company name and logo which represents the image of the brand and the staffs of the company whore are considered as the forerunners of the strong brand image (Asher, 1997).

On one hand, the intangible characteristics of the brand image includes the operational as well as the human resource policies of the company; the culture of the company which determines the beliefs as well as the practices of the industry personnel, the internal and external environment as well as the location of the organisation which include the accepted personal and business practices of the specific country where the brands are operated. A strong and effective brand image also plays a crucial role in the perspective of consumer.

A strong and effective brand image provides an assurance to the target market that the decision to purchase the product or service of a specific company in unfamiliar settings is worth it. A strong and effective brand image also has the capability of assuring the clients of the quality of the products and service when the clients have no previous experience of the company. The brand image perceived of the company also lessens the time spent looking for other alternative and substitute brands that could meet and the needs and of customer.

A strong and effective brand is also perceived to determine the nature and extent of connection that the clients develops with the company based on the perceived openness of such company. Furthermore, a strong and effective brand image can also be attributed with the point of view of the company. It has the ability to ushers the acceptability of change and developments within the industry including the introduction of new products and services as well as setting up of new brand categories under the initial brands.

Moreover, a strong and effective brand has the ability to determine the appropriate price of the product or services offered. It can be said that a strong and effective brand is the one which consistently meets the needs of target market results to the return of target market and positive endorsements through word-of-mouth. A strong and effective brand not only attracts target market but also qualified staffs willing to work to maintain the strengths and effectiveness of the brand and lastly, strong and effective brand attracts favorable reviews from industry experts (Laforet & Saunders, 1999).