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The arrival of the cousins in Act one Essay

The arrival of the cousins in Act one Essay

Compare the way Miller presents the relationships between Beatrice, Eddie and Catherine, before and after the arrival of the cousins in Act one. In 1915 America was seen as the land of freedom for many Italians and they fled from the poor, grimy streets of Italy. America was there only hope and they came in there thousands to earn money for there starving families and find a new life. The Carbone family as presented by Miller is one such family.

The Carbone household conceals a web of mixed feelings and from the start you can feel the tension brewing under the false smiles and unspoken conflict.

We are introduced to Eddie Carbone, Beatrice Carbone and Catherine at the start of the play yet we are not told of there relationships with each other until later. At first it seems that Eddie and Catherine are together and we have no idea that they are uncle and niece. Beatrice knows of Eddie’s feelings yet says nothing.

This all adds to the tension and we know its all going to explode, the only question is when. The cousins arrival aggravates this or and even adds more conflict and tension.

The first impression we get of the relationships in the house is that Eddie and Catherine are lovers. There actions towards each other are sexual and flirtatious yet they are trying to hide it. This is shown when Eddie refers to Catherine’s skirt as ‘beautiful’ he could have been talking about the skirt or maybe Catherine as a whole. The relationship between Eddie and Beatrice on the other hand is one of duty rather than love.

Beatrice is silent to what is going on around her. This shows the power Eddie holds over her. This is displayed throughout the play, by the lack of respect given to her and by how he speaks to her. For example ‘you lived in a house all your life, what do you know about it?’ this shows he doesn’t respect her and thinks she has an easy life. Catherine and Beatrice’s relationship is quite innocent at first and there doesn’t seem to be much between them, it later appears that Beatrice holds a deep jealousy of the relationship she has with Eddie. This is shown by miller when Beatrice confronts Catherine about her behaviour around Eddie. ‘Like when he comes home you throw yourself at him like when you was twelve years old’

Although it is apparent to us that the relationship between Eddie and Catherine one of a sexual or desiring nature. Catherine appears to be oblivious to it, for example ‘she strikes a match and holds it to his cigar’ this is a very up-close and personal act and then ‘she blows out the match’, this seems a very sexual act, with them being so close and her blowing out the match so close to his face, yet Catherine does not make anything of it and carries on.

Catherine sees Eddie as a Father figure and is always seeking to impress him. Her actions are often mistaken to be flirtatious when they can also be seen as innocent behaviour of a young girl looking for her father’s approval. One such instance is when Catherine starts ‘running her hands over her skirt’ this can be seen as flirting or it can also be seen as though she is nervous because she does not know if Eddie approves. This is also apparent when Eddie says ‘you aint all the girls’ this shows that he considers her to be special either because he is in love with her or because he sees her as his daughter

Beatrice Knows of Eddie’s feelings towards Catherine however she cannot say anything because she fears Eddie and she holds it in, taking the anger out in her actions. For example when she is mad ‘she gets up, clearing the dishes’ this shows that she doesn’t want to confront Eddie therefore she occupies herself with other tasks. Beatrice is also jealous of Catherine; she wants the same relationship that Catherine has with Eddie.

Eddie holds the power in the house, with him being the only man. Both women look up to him and never contradict him. Miller clearly shows this throughout the start of Act 1. An example of Eddie’s power is when it says ‘Eddie is standing facing the two seated woman’ this shows the women look up to him and it also forms a triangle with him being the top point, showing his power over them. This can also be seen as though both women are competing for Eddie.

Eddie’s action Essay

Eddie’s action Essay

Beatrice is responsible for eddies death because she didn’t act soon enough. If Beatrice acted sooner Eddie could have calmed and a lot of this wouldn’t have happened. Marco wants revenge on Eddie because Eddie contacted immigration to inform them of him and Rodolpho. This angers Marco and makes him want to seek revenge. He believes that Eddie’s action was the start of a downward spiral leading to the unfortunate fate of his children. He confirms this in the quote, “That one! He killed my children”.

Marco could be blamed for eddies death because of his personal vendetta.

He went to Eddies house fuelled with aggression, shouting, “Eddie Carbone” outside of Eddies house demanding that Eddie steps outside to settle this. If you were trying to clear Marco of international murder you could argue that Eddie pulled a knife out. Another reason you can state is that Marco was using self defence to prevent getting hurt these reasons is what can clear Marco from international murder.

Marco kills Eddie at the end of the final scene. Eddie lunges at Marco and they begin to fight. Eddie pulls out a knife and attempts to stab Marco.

Eddie tries to stab Marco but Marco twists the knife and stabs Eddie instead, it results in Eddie dying. There is evidence in this which tells us that Marco is responsible for eddies death such as when Marco says, “in my country, he would have been dead by now. He would not live this long” this gives me more knowledge which tells me that Marco is responsible for eddies death. This quote tells us that Marco is a man of vendetta, this is the way he settles his problems. Eddie is a man of honour dying like this suits him because he has fought for what he believes in. I have come to the conclusion that Eddie is fully responsible for his death.

I believe he bring everything on himself such as calling immigration because he couldn’t control his jealousy which resulted into angering Marco, this leaded into a vendetta. By settling this feud Marco wants to fight, as Eddie comes out he brings a knife; if he had not brought that knife the damage would have been so much less. The writer directing the final words towards Alfieri is aimed at touching each member of the audience, each feeling mixed emotions throughout the play however, whoever is to blame becomes irrelevant and you can not help but morn and feel a sense of loss over I life that has been taken.

The writer points out that for all Eddie’s wrong doings he was unable to control his actions due to his belief in what he felt was right. I think a view from a bridge is a tragedy because throughout the play Eddie goes through so much. He loses respect from others, he drifts apart from his niece on the strengths of his personal beliefs and lack of control over his jealousy and consequently loses his own life. The line in which sums up the main point for is when Alfieri says “sometimes we settle for half and I like it better”.