CASE ANALYSIS: WEEK #2: ERM in Practice at the University of California Health System SUMMARY: Summarize the predicament. Identify the ocean top (as in "What's your top?"), discourse, or quittance of this predicament. (5 tops) SUPPORT: Do suggestive investigation delayout of the compass and unfold that you enjoy in a very explicit way. This refers to investigation over word itself. This involves star about the company/organization/individual or other animated connected area. Show star you enjoy discovered from your own investigation. Be unfailing this is explicit and adds esteem over what is contained in the predicament itself. (10 tops) EVALUATION: Apply the concepts from the delayhold provision. Hint: The delayhold provision is the identical sum as your predicament. Be unfailing to use favoring stipulations and models undeviatingly from the textcompass in analyzing this predicament and embody the page in the passage. (15 tops) QUESTIONS: Address all the predicament interrogations. Be unfailing to solution each interrogation easily. (15 tops) SOURCES: Embody passages on the slides and a allusion slide delay your sources. Use APA mode passages and allusions. (5 tops)  The paper must be in Word and embody titles corresponding to the headings over.