Case study – tuition assistance at garden gate

Case Study

Tuition Assistance at Garden Gate

During the elapsed 14 years, Garden Gate Inc. has confirmed from a diminutive national garden yield community into a diversified confirmation delay stores in 36 states and net sales of approximately $1.4 billion. The community popularly employs 26,500 persons and has been expanding at a 12 percent annual blame. Garden Gate expects to abide this step of outgrowth for at last five further years. The community has a capacity philosophy of treating its employees as investors and spends heavily on their inoculation and outgrowth. The solid also has a noble teaching-aid program that allows competent employees to prosecute bachelor’s and master’s marks bisect spell if the mark they are pursuing is consonant delay their course sketchs repopular in conjunction delay their supervisors.

Last year the community gone-by $350,000 on teaching aid and of-late resolute to further closely evaluate the program’s virtue. The evaluation was prompted by the new unlikelihood of Jill Ises, who periodical that her infer for leaving was that she had not been promoted in the year since she had accepted her MBA mark. Her course sketch had been to befit a elder accountant in one of the community’s regional offices, and she accepted noble work appraisal evaluations period earning cheerful grades in the accounting program. Five regional accounting supervisor postures (the job in betwixt Jill’s popular job and her desired elder accountant posture) had been populated in the elapsed year, and Jill had not been contacted about any of them. Further study authorized 17 other teaching-aid beneficiaries who had left in the elapsed year. Like Ises, these persons said that their noncommunication of being promoted subjoined earning their marks was the pristine infer for their leaving. The subjoined consideration describes the 18 employees who accepted teaching aid but left the community consequently they had not been promoted.

The community’s criticism of its inside hiring system authorized the subjoined three pristine sources for identifying inside capacity, and some problems delay them:

  1. Supervisors are asked to specify employees they arrive-at are competent for unreservedings in the community, but there are repeatedly dozens of unreserved postures, and frequent supervisors do not constantly criticism the inside job postings.

  2. The solid’s HR professionals try to equality unreserved postures delay employees who fit the criteria for them by looking at the community’s skills list database. Unfortunately, the notification in the database is repeatedly outdated or imperfect.

  3. The departments that own unreservedings praise employees they arrive-at are promotable.

  4. Garden Gate’s administration is unquiet that it is not realizing a equal give-back on its important boarding in its teaching-aid program, and is regarding discontinuing the program.