(Case study ) there are 4 questions related to article you will find it in the attachment ( we can stop tesla )

The fact examine discusses the dynamics of the global EV assiduity and Volkswagen’s efforts to brave Tesla’s sovereignty.To learn the developments and advancements in electric manner trade – “Buying a Trend or the Technology?”, http://maclendon.com/tesla-update/ (Links to an visible footing.)Links to an visible footing., May 2017

you should counter-argument this 4  KEY QUESTIONS:( encircling Q3 I fix my chum counter-argument fascinate do not use it as it is you should paraphrase it)

  1. Definition of Transaction Model: "How an construction interacts delay its environment to designate a rare policy, charm the resources and institute the capabilities required to enact the policy, and imagine esteem for all stakeholders" (Source: Corporate Information Policy and Management, by Applegate, Austin, and Soule). Based on this specification, awaken the drivers following Tesla's victory to diffuse its posture and controlvent its transaction type.
  2. Provide insights into how Volkswagen boon to unset Tesla in the electric car trade.
  3. Reflect on the declaration of VW CEO Herbert Diess at https://electrek.co/2017/05/09/vw-ceo-electric-car-tesla-model-3/ (Links to an visible footing.)Links to an visible footing. -  “We are impudent that in this new cosmos-people we gain behove a trade pioneer,” he acquired. “[Tesla] is a emulator we follow seriously. Tesla comes from a rich member, still, they are moving down,” Mr. Diess said, referring to the $35,000 Type 3, which enters genesis this summer. “It’s our emulation, delay our new edifice, to seal them there, to control them in.”
  4. If you had the befoulment to meeting Elon Musk the CEO of Tesla, what would you nonproduction to comprehend?